All types of commercial flooring need to be properly maintained. Though there are some floors in high traffic areas that can be a real challenge to keep clean. Especially if you are trying to maintain hard floors like tile with old-fashioned mops, dirty water, and clumsy mop buckets.

So, it’s no wonder why so many janitorial services and commercial property managers are switching away from old-fashioned mopping in favor of auto scrubbing technology for maintaining hard flooring in high-traffic floors.

Chances are you’ve probably heard of auto-scrubbing, but you might not be fully aware of how it works and just what makes it such an appealing hard floor cleaning alternative. If so, you might want to read on, to decide if it is finally time for you to ditch the old slop mop and bucket for good.

What Are The Benefits Of Auto-Scrubbing Floors?

There are a lot of different benefits infused into auto-scrubbing technology and the process used to maintain hard, high traffic floors in commercial properties.

Reduced Drying Time

One of the great things about using an automatic floor scrubber is that the typical drying times are much quicker than using a mop and bucket. Not only does this help avoid falls and slips from wet floors that can result in lawsuits, but it also makes the floors usable for foot traffic in a relatively short amount of time. This can be great if your cleaning schedule involves a lot of daytime cleaning practices, and you don’t want the hassle of delays that are inherent with classic mop buckets and sopping wet floors.

Superior Cleaning Results

The overall cleaning efficiency of auto-scrubbing will improve significantly when you use the specially engineered machine instead of a traditionally messy mop and bucket. It’s also worth bearing in mind that auto-scrubbers do a better overall job at removing dirt, grime, and grease. These are challenging to remove, but with the help of your scrubber machine, you can create a better clean floor by using a sprayer and some chemicals to create a glistening shine.

A Simpler Cleaning Process

For something that is supposed to be relatively straightforward, the old-fashioned mop & bucket technique is someone complicated. At least that is when mopping is done correctly, which calls for frequent water changes, special scrubbing techniques, and painstaking cleaning of a mop head that has a relatively short lifespan.

Once you embrace auto-scrubbing high-traffic floors, you will notice that your cleaning process becomes more straightforward. This in-turn will save you money as you won’t have to buy additional cleaning products. Using a scrubbing machine is easy.

All you have to do is select the proper settings you want. At that point, you can push the machine from behind by holding onto a bar or even ride on top of it. When riding atop the machine, you drive along the area that is being meticulously cleaned.

Different Types Of Auto-Scrubbers

You might also be surprised to hear that there are different types of auto-scrubbers to choose from. Depending on the volume of floor you need to work with you might want to choose either a push or ride-on floor scrubber.

Push Auto-Scrubbers

In general, a push scrubber does take a little more effort for the operator to move. There are manual and walk-behind models. While it takes less time to learn how to operate and lets you take extra time in specific high traffic areas, without having to awkwardly double back. Push auto-scrubbers also tend to cost a little less. Ultimately, push auto-scrubbers tend to be preferable for smaller commercial properties, with modest amounts of high traffic hard flooring.

Ride-On Auto-Scrubber

As the name implies, the operator rides on a “Ride-On” auto-scrubber. It does take a little bit more getting used to operating than a push auto-scrubber. Though it tends to reduce the work it takes to effectively clean a larger area of high traffic hard floors, which makes it the preferred option for larger commercial properties, expansive retail environments, and manufacturing facilities.

Auto-Scrubbers Reduce Health Risks Compared To Mopping

One of the big problems with a traditional mop, bucket, and mop water, is that it tends to simply spread spills and possible contamination around. This can be a big issue if you need to clean up a biological spill, with possible for pathogen contamination, or a chemical spill that can affect the appearance of the hard floor.

Even if you do happen to absorb everything in your first few tries, you will inevitably have to empty the mop bucket, rigorously clean the absorbent mop head, or replace it. Then you will need to empty the mop bucket, disinfect it, remove contaminants, and refill it. After all of that, you will have to wheel the mop bucket back out to where you left off to continue mopping.

With an auto-scrubber, the questionable fluid or liquid material is picked up and safely deposited. Its floor is also cleaned to a higher degree and dries faster. In some larger commercial properties with expansive high traffic hard floors, you might have to make one or two returns to the janitorial area to deposit collected fluids. Though this is opposed to the dozen, if not a score of similar trips you would have to take with a traditional mop bucket.

How Much Does An Auto-Scrubber Cost?

You can expect to pay around $1,500 to $3,000 for a manual push auto-scrubber machine, and as much as $4,000 to $12,000 for a walk-behind machine. Depending on the model and manufacturer you can expect to pay from $15,000 to as much as $30,000 for a ride on auto-scrubber.

Professional Cleaning Services That Offer Auto-Scrubber Floor Cleaning

One of the great things about contracting your commercial hard floor cleaning needs to a professional cleaning company like Building Services Inc., is that we have our own fleet of auto-scrubbers that we can bring to bear. They can also be operated by highly trained and experienced cleaning technicians who can clean your commercial floors to an impeccable degree of cleaning. We offer flexible scheduling with both day and nighttime auto-scrubber cleaning available.