Commercial properties and business offices are held to higher standards when it comes to professionalism, health, and safety. This means that making sure that your offices are regularly cleaned, needs to be a top priority.

Though a lot of business managers are left wondering who the best person is to handle these tasks? Is it better to have current employees multi-task cleaning chores with their official duties? Is it a better idea to hire an in-house custodial staff to maintain the property?

When it comes right down to it, multi-tasking your current employees is usually inefficient for business production. Hiring a custodial staff comes with a lot of overhead, including things like employee benefits, and the cost of providing them with the cleaning products as well as the expensive equipment they need to do the job right.

The conclusion that a lot of business managers and commercial property owners come to is that it is more time and cost-effective to higher a commercial cleaning service. In the end, choosing a professional cleaning service yields better results and saves money, while also being more convenient.

This is further broken down into some key benefits that come with hiring an experienced commercial cleaner like Building Services Inc.

Eliminating Staffing Concerns

If you multi-task your in-house staff with cleaning duties, you ultimately end up having staffing issues anytime someone calls in sick, takes vacation, or has limited work hours. If they end up having to work after house, you might even end up having to pay them for overtime!

Yet when you hire a commercial cleaning service, you will always have coverage. If a cleaning technician gets sick or goes on vacation, there is still an enormous pool of other technicians who can temporarily handle their duties seamlessly.

Ultimately, hiring a cleaning service means your office cleaning needs will never be neglected, and you never have to spend time reallocating employees to handle simple jobs like cleaning up the lobby or tidying up the bathrooms.

A professional cleaning company like Building Services has a massive entire staff of trained professionals ready and able to work. Many companies also offer emergency cleaning services that will respond after hours.

A professional cleaning service can also offer scheduling that is tailored to your business needs. This can include day, night, or even day porter cleaning services. Hiring a professional cleaning service reduces stress because they guarantee services.

Dedication To Professionalism

A reputable commercial cleaning service knows what they are doing, and their professional reputation goes into every single facet of the services they provide. At Building Services, we strive to earn your trust and your referrals through our dedication to professionalism.

We invest significant time and money in training all of our employees as well as proactively upgrading to the industry’s latest cleaning equipment. A lot of in-house janitorial staff will not have access to these resources and cannot keep up with industry standards.

A commercial cleaning company makes it their business to know the ins and outs of the industry. This starts with training cleaning technicians to focus on attention to detail, solve problems, and implement proper service techniques the first time, every time.


When you multi-task a current employee with cleaning tasks, or you hire an in-house janitor to maintain your office and professional spaces, you have to pay them an hourly wage. This also comes with other things like employee benefits packages, paid vacation time, and having to invest a lot of money in the cleaning supplies they need to do the job right.

When you hire a commercial cleaning company like Building Services, we bring our own supplies, our technicians come fully trained, and we work faster than any office employee does. This translates into better savings and superior cost-effectiveness for your company’s bottom line.

Preserving Employee Professionalism

Employees want to feel valued for their education and special skills. When you ask them to mop floors, clean bathrooms, and tidy up a lobby they tend to feel like they are just a cog in your machine. If one of your competitors comes along and offers them the same pay for the same office work, but they don’t have to multi-task cleaning duties, chances are good any loyalty they have to you will quickly evaporate.

At the same time, you don’t want to risk an employee messing up their professional clothes, and office attire while cleaning. Even a minor soap stain on a tie or mop water on the bottom of shoes tracked onto the carpet can be a black eye when a major client comes to visit!

Cleaning Service Variety

Commercial cleaning companies like Building Services tend to offer a wide variety of cleaning services that go beyond just general cleaning. This includes things like sanitizing services, deep cleaning services, day matron attendants, floor waxing, stain removal, HVAC system cleaning, and more.

If you need specialty cleaning services in any of your office areas, you can trust that we have the people with the training and the access to equipment to get the job done right. At the same time, our cleaning technicians are also adept at spotting things like plumbing leaks, and HVAC systems that need maintenance before they become a bigger problem.

Effective Cleaning Products & Equipment

The reality is that a lot of the cleaning products and equipment sold at the retail level simply lack the potency to affect a high level of cleaning and sanitizing. When you contract a commercial cleaning service, you know that they are bringing truly professional-grade cleaning products to bear to sanitize and maintain your office spaces.

This includes specialty equipment like HEPA filter vacuum cleaners to trap dust and particulate matter, as well as commercial-grade tools to handle things like a clogged floor drain.

At Building Services, we proudly offer our special Green Cleaning System. This is a suite of all-natural products that are just as effective as outdated chemical cleaners. Yet they leave behind a refreshing natural scent, rather than the odor of toxic chemical fumes.