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29 01, 2022

Terminal Cleaning Services Checklist For Healthcare

By |2022-01-24T16:59:20-05:00January 29th, 2022|Cleaning, Education|0 Comments

Operating rooms, surgical theaters, and other places where patients receive critical care need to be kept immaculately clean and properly sterilized. This is a critical component in ensuring that the patient and healthcare staff are safely protected from harmful microorganisms. This type of “Terminal Cleaning” and sanitizing is typically performed after an operating room or another treatment area has been used to treat a patient for some type of multidrug-resistant organism infection. Also known as MDROs, this includes things like Methicillin-Resistant Staph aureus (MRSA), as well as Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci (VRE) and Clostridioides Difficile Infection, which is known as either CDI [...]

28 01, 2022

Tips For Preventing Mold & Water Damage After Flood

By |2022-01-24T16:54:20-05:00January 28th, 2022|Flood, Mold|0 Comments

The painful truth is that even a minor water damage problem can lead to major issues. So, it can be especially distressing if storm damage causes severe flooding in your home or office. Indoor flooding can come in many forms other than simply stormwater. Even seemingly simple things like leaky pipes, dripping appliances, damaged gutters, roof leaks, and sewer backups can lead to significant water damage as well as an increased risk of indoor mold developing. When flooding or water damage strikes, your first priority has to be stopping the leak or minimizing the amount of water making its way [...]

27 01, 2022

How To Remove Soot After A Fire?

By |2022-03-01T22:15:18-05:00January 27th, 2022|Cleaning, Education|0 Comments

Even a seemingly small fire can cause a lot of damage that requires a surprising amount of cleanup. While the removal of burned materials is relatively straightforward, taking care of the soot that remains after a fire can be just as much, if not more of a headache than the items that were burned. What Is Soot? On a technical level soot is essentially miniscule particles of carbon and other chemicals left behind after a fire. Soot is made up of a mélange of these particles along with acid compounds, chemicals, metals, and dust that leaves behind an unappealing black [...]

26 01, 2022

Health Benefits Of Regular Vacuuming Carpets & Floors

By |2022-01-24T16:37:17-05:00January 26th, 2022|Cleaning, Floors|0 Comments

While vacuuming carpeting, rugs, floor mats, and other upholstered areas might seem a little mundane and even boringly repetitive, it can have a major impact on the air quality and health of your commercial property. Every year new research points toward a link between poor indoor air quality and respiratory health concerns. One of the most prime candidates behind these problems is the particulate matter discharged from carpets, rugs, and upholstery. The Dangers Or Indoor Air Pollution A growing body of scientific research points to a connection between a wide range of respiratory health conditions and problems with airborne air [...]

26 01, 2022

Supermarket Cleaning Services & Checklist To Keep Customers Coming Back

By |2022-01-24T16:31:17-05:00January 26th, 2022|Cleaning, Education|0 Comments

With any retail establishment, cleanliness is critical for attracting and retaining customers. It is even more important for grocery stores and supermarkets where food and other perishable items are being sold. Not only can it influence your customer’s perception, but even the slightest degree of disorganization or uncleanliness can be a serious food safety violation. Cleaning That Goes Beyond Just Food Display Areas It should go without saying that the food displays, bins, and shelves of any grocery store or supermarket need to be pristinely clean. Though these aren’t the only places that get noticed by shoppers and Things like [...]

25 01, 2022

How To Clean Commercial Deep Fryers

By |2022-01-24T16:17:55-05:00January 25th, 2022|Cleaning, Commercial Kitchen Cleaning, Education|0 Comments

Deep fryers are found in a lot of commercial kitchens, restaurants, and cafeterias. Standard deep fryers and pressure fryers represent an easy way to rapidly cook many foods to order. The oil’s ability to rapidly transfer heat energy into the food being cooked makes them incredibly convenient. Though it can also make them a challenge to clean safely. When a deep fryer or pressure fryer goes too long without proper cleaning and maintenance it can lead to a host of problems. Not the least of which is off-tasting food that costs your restaurant customers, as well as the increasingly high [...]

24 01, 2022

Proper Commercial Elevator Cleaning & Disinfection Tips

By |2022-01-24T16:13:16-05:00January 24th, 2022|Cleaning, Education|0 Comments

Once upon a time elevators were thought of as simple means of conveyance that made it easier to travel the floors of a tall building with ease. Everyone squeezed in shoulder to shoulder and someone pressed a button to make the elevator car go up or down to the desired floor. When the doors opened everyone went about their way without a thought. Then COVID happened and suddenly the close proximity to others and the high volume of people made riding in an elevator a frightening thing. Building and commercial property managers rushed to find ways to hose down elevators [...]

24 01, 2022

How Mold Affects Indoor Air Quality?

By |2022-01-24T16:09:23-05:00January 24th, 2022|Cleaning, Education, Flood, Mold|0 Comments

Indoor air quality continues to be in the news. Though this goes beyond pandemics and airborne viruses or bacteria. In truth, there are a lot of potential pathogens and airborne contaminants floating around in the air we breathe. While they might not get the same dramatic press as things like COVID-19, influenza, or other airborne diseases, the threat of mold spores and mycotoxins is alarmingly high. It’s even more distressing when you consider the potential harm that mold can have on your health. How Does Mold Get Indoors? Mold is everywhere in nature. As a member of the fungi family, [...]

12 12, 2021

Slip Trip and Fall Prevention Safety For Your Business

By |2021-12-10T14:02:48-05:00December 12th, 2021|Cleaning, Floors|0 Comments

Commercial properties are held to the highest professional standards. This includes things like health and safety standards. Slipper floors, loose floor mats, and other foot-bound obstacles can lead to slips, trips, and falls for employees or guests. While these accidents might be small in nature, they can have big liability consequences to property owners and commercial property managers. You can use the tips in this guide to help prevent slips, trips, and falls throughout your facility. Common Causes Of Slips, Trips & Falls A lot of slips, trips, and falls are related to a loss of traction between the person’s [...]

11 12, 2021

Best Mopping Alternatives For Commercial Business Cleaning

By |2021-12-10T13:58:39-05:00December 11th, 2021|Commercial Kitchen Cleaning, Floors|0 Comments

A growing body of research has shown that traditional string mops not only do a poor job at cleaning commercial floors but can also increase the risk of various health hazards. Of course, this has a lot of commercial property managers struggling to find a safe and effective alternative for getting their building’s floors professionally clean. The Problem With Traditional String Mops Traditional string mops may have been around since the 1890s, but a growing body of research continually points out just how hazardous they can be to the health of the people in the environment. Not to mention being [...]

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