Car dealership and automotive sales floors rely on the utmost level of professionalism and cleanliness to connect with potential customers from the very first second they set pull onto the lot or set foot on the showroom floor. A professional level of cleanliness goes a long way toward engendering the kind of trust that families need to feel before they are going to shake a hand or sign on the dotted line.

Of course, automotive sales professionals rarely have the training, expertise, and access to commercial-grade cleaning products to do this. Even if they did, their focus is better spent on servicing customers and meeting the critical needs of the car dealership’s logistics.

That’s probably why so many successful car dealerships turn to third-party professional cleaning companies like Building Services Inc. When you partner with us, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that every square inch of your car dealership is being cleaned with the industry-best practices that your potential customers expect. This comes in the form of the following things.

Maintaining A Clean Sales Lot

They say that people who go to a restaurant eat with their eyes first. When it comes to buying a car, a lot of families shop with their eyes first. Chances are most people who stride through your showroom door have driven past your dealership more than once with their eyes out for the new car of their dreams. Yet things like stray refuse, bird droppings, and stuck-on gum can send an off-putting message that sends them looking at your competitor’s lot.

When you partner with Building Services, you can trust that our meticulous approach is designed to ensure that every square foot of your dealership is professionally clean. This includes spot-checking the sales lot, emptying external trash cans, and removing unsightly exterior debris.

Maintaining An Impeccably Clean Showroom

The next place that captures the attention of potential customers is your car dealership’s showroom. This is the place where handshakes happen and dotted lines get signed. With our experienced cleaning technicians on your side, you can rest easy knowing that our methodical approach is designed to keep your showroom looking just as sparkling & new as this year’s latest model. This involves a comprehensive approach.

Window Cleaning

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then the windows of your car dealership showroom are the gateway to closing the deal. New and previous customers want to look in and see a vibrant and transparent showroom, not water spots, pollen, and dust. That’s part of the reason why our cleaning technicians strive to meticulously clean every square inch of interior glass while keeping a keen eye out for exterior windows that need professional cleaning.

Maintaining Pristine Hard Flooring

The floors in your auto dealership might not get a lot of attention, but they were certainly get noticed if there is a problem. Especially if dust has caused an older wax finish to become dull or discolored. This can send the wrong message to customers before you even get a chance to greet them.

Fortunately, the cleaning technicians at Building Services have extensive training in maintaining all types of flooring. This includes things like:

  • Deep cleaning all hard flooring types
  • Stripping & refinishing tile floors
  • Cleaning & maintaining concrete or epoxy finished floors
  • Cleaning, maintaining, or refinishing hardwood floors

We can also help you develop strategies to preserve your showroom floors against seasonal elements. This includes things like the strategic placement and professional maintenance of long floor mats in the winter months.

These mats help to capture salt, melted snow, and other debris before it gets tracked into the rest of your showroom. Our highly experienced staff will then monitor your floor mats to change them out or clean them as needed.

Clean & Inviting Restrooms

The lavatory is one of those places that no one really wants to talk about. That is until there is a problem. In recent years, a great deal of consumer research has revealed that an increasing number of potential buyers are influenced by the condition of a business’ restrooms. The last thing you want is for a disorderly unkempt restroom to cost you a potential sale.

That’s why Building Services Inc. takes extra-special care to ensure that every bathroom in our charge is meticulously clean. This goes beyond just mopping the floors and cleaning toilets. It also extends to clean trash receptacles, mirrors, and fixtures. We also make sure that any hand drying supplies, like paper towels, are replenished and that soap or hand sanitizer dispensers are properly full. We also offer professional deodorizing services, with a green clean option to help keep your car dealership’s bathrooms smelling fresh without simply inundating them with toxic odors.

Employee Areas

Even in the most fast-paced car dealership, employees still need an area to decompress. This might be a private lunchroom, a commons area, breakroom, or personal office space. At Building Services our professional cleaning technicians go the extra mile to ensure that all employee areas are clean. All while practicing the utmost level of discretion.

Service Areas

Most car dealerships have their own service area. This is where oil changes are done, batteries are replaced, warranties are honored and trade-ins are made roadworthy once more. Of course, it can also be a place where automotive chemicals can get spilled, tough stains happen, and odors of exhaust and oil abound.

Fortunately, Building Services Inc. has highly trained specialists and state-of-the-art professional cleaning equipment to keep your car dealership’s service area clean and presentable. This includes making sure your lobby or service center waiting area is also impeccably clean for customers who are waiting for their car repair to be finished.

Convenient Scheduling Available

At Building Services we understand that your dealership needs to move at the pace of success. So, we are happy to offer convenient scheduling. As needed our cleaning service technicians can service your car dealership during your off-hours. If you do happen to need us to come in to perform routine cleaning or to handle an emergency, you can trust that our personnel will practice the utmost level of professionalism and discretion.