8 10, 2021

How To Clean Commercial Glued Down Carpet

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A lot of commercial properties and retail spaces rely on carpeting to provide a sense of warmth and comfort, while also helping to present a professional appearance to guests, employees, or clients who visit. Of course, these carpets also take on a lot of foot traffic, as well as the seasonal impact from things like salt and melted snow being tracked in on shoes. These simple everyday accidents can lead to stains, wear spots, and discoloration. It’s also worth noting that a lot of the carpets found in office buildings and commercial properties are glued down. This creates a much [...]

7 10, 2021

What Harmful Chemicals Are In Commercial Cleaning Products?

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A clean, and healthy space is important for any home or business. It’s especially critical for commercial properties where liability issues are an everyday reality. While you certainly want to use potent effective cleaning products, some have high concentrations of chemicals that aren’t safe or have chemicals in them which aren’t always approved as being safe by the EPA To make sure you are using the right chemicals in the right concentrations, it helps to know what to look for as well as what to avoid. This will go a long way toward ensuring that everyone who sets foot on [...]

4 10, 2021

Carpet Deodorizers & Air Fresheners Effect On Carpeting

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It’s all too easy to take your building’s carpets for granted. Yet they get walked on every single day by dozens if not hundreds of people, which can affect what is ultimately one of your building’s biggest investments. Beyond this obvious wear and tear, there are also other things like carpet deodorizers and air fresheners that can have a long-term effect on your carpeting. At the same time, deodorization and providing a clean, fresh-smelling building is also very important. A stale environment, with smelly, worn-out carpets can put off tenants, and visitors. So, it’s certainly not the sort of thing [...]

2 10, 2021

Commercial Office Window Cleaning Guide

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It might seem like such a simple thing, yet getting office windows perfectly clean and streak-free is surprisingly challenging! It turns out there are a variety of reasons for this. For starters, a lot of the glass cleaning products sold at the retail level aren’t formulated for large surface cleaning. They are meant more for small residential windows, bathroom mirrors, and other general surfaces. At the same time, there is a fair amount of art and science to cleaning professional windows that do take a practiced hand to get right. This puts a lot of commercial property building managers in [...]

1 10, 2021

What Should I Do After A Fire In My Business?

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Fire is a catastrophic event for any business. While it is more common in restaurants, kitchen supply stores, and automotive stores, just about any business can be threatened by the flames. Especially in older buildings where outdated wiring can lead to a heightened risk of an electrical fire. If your business has been damaged by a fire of any size, the shock and despair can make it hard to know what to do. In times like this, you can turn to the helpful tips in this article to help you understand the best possible steps for dealing with a business [...]

30 09, 2021

Medical Office Cleaning Services Checklist To Maximize Impressions

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Clinics and medical offices are held to the highest levels of cleaning and sanitizing. Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic as patients are warier than ever about preventing infection and spreading harmful pathogens. Though there are several other non-pandemic reasons to keep your medical office and clinical spaces immaculately clean. This includes: Bolstering patient perception Encouraging referrals Meeting all pertinent OHSA standards Preventing the spread of harmful pathogens to your patients Preventing the spread of harmful pathogens to your medical staff Of course, frequency of use is also a factor when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing a medical office. High [...]

29 09, 2021

Sick Building Syndrome Symptoms, Causes & Prevention Tips

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The phrase Sick Building Syndrome is showing up more and more in the news. It is a general term used to describe an assortment of illnesses and symptoms that afflict a wide range of people who work, live or frequent a particular building or commercial property. What Are The Symptoms Of Sick Building Syndrome? Sick Building Syndrome has an assortment of potential symptoms that present in people who frequent the same building. This includes: Chronic problems with sniffles Stuffy nose and recurring sinus infections Itchy eyes Sore or scratchy throats Dry, irritated skin Frequent upset stomach and upper digestive tract [...]

2 09, 2021

How Professional Chewing Gum Removal Services Will Beautify Your Building

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In a perfect world, everything that should end up in a refuse bin would end up in a refuse bin. A lot of people are willing to throw away cans and food wrappers. Though the one thing that seems to end up on sidewalks, patios, and outdoor surfaces the most is chewing gum. Whether it is a kid whose bubble gum has lost its flavor or an adult who just can’t be bothered to find a garbage can, gum seems to end up getting everywhere. Not only can it be visually unsightly, and annoyingly stuck to the bottom of shoes, [...]

1 09, 2021

Winterproofing Hardwood Floors To Prevent Permanent Damage

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Hardwood floors are just one of those things that never goes out of style. Even when people started covering them up tile and carpeting in the 1970s they still remained waiting for their time to shine once again. Though as tough as a hardwood floor truly is, it’s not impervious to scruffs, scrapes, and damage. Especially in the wintertime. If your building has new or older established hardwood floors then winterizing them to keep them safe is a sound investment for today as well as in the long term. When Should I Winterize My Hardwood Floors? The fall tends to [...]

31 08, 2021

Exhaust Cleaning Guide For Restaurants

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Exhaust and ventilation systems play a key role in safety and fire prevention in professional restaurants and commercial kitchens. They effectively keep the cooking space and all food prep areas free from heat, stuffy air, smoke, stale smells, as well as other unwanted airborne particles. This makes it extremely important to pay serious attention to cleaning the hood exhaust system directly from the hood, through any related ductwork, and the exhaust fan all the way to the roof of the hood. This level of meticulous hood cleaning will go a long way toward protecting the restaurant kitchen from common fire [...]

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