30 07, 2021

How To Improve Air Quality In Office Buildings

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In recent years, the impacts of indoor air quality have become big news. Things like mold spores, pollen, dust, animal dander, chemical vapors, and industrial contaminants have all been linked to respiratory health problems. Especially for individuals with pre-existing respiratory health problems and people afflicted with chronic inflammatory conditions. At the same time, commercial properties and multi-tenant residential properties are held to a higher standard when it comes to health and safety regulations. Making sure that your office, retail space, or commercial facility meets these indoor air quality standards will go a long way toward mitigating potentially costly liability issues. [...]

30 07, 2021

Why Retail Should Use Professional Cleaning Services

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They say that we eat with our eyes, but even more so we shop with our eyes. Which makes a neat, tidy, and odor-free environment a top priority for most retail spaces. While facing, folding and stocking shelves in a visually appealing array will certainly help. Unfortunately, most retail employees simply aren’t trained or experienced at the type of high-end techniques it takes to give a retail store a truly professional clean. Not to mention their expertise is better served in helping customers, taking care of inventory, and other important tasks like setting up displays. Of course, a professional clean [...]

30 07, 2021

Benefits Of Pressure Washing Your Building

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Managing a commercial property effectively takes more than just maintaining basic safety and liability guidelines. Tenants and visitors also expect everything to be clean and professional-looking. This includes removing things like pollution, bird excrement, mildew, graffiti, sprinkler stains, old gum, grease, and caked-on dirt from the building’s roof, windows, and walls as well as frequently used sidewalks. Pressure washing is one of the most time-efficient and effective ways to remove a lot of stuck-on, unwanted debris from a building’s surfaces. Though the process of doing so does require a rather experienced and trained hand. Some surfaces of a building, plants, [...]

30 07, 2021

What’s The Difference Between Cleaning, Sanitizing And Disinfecting?

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Schools, grocery stores, offices, restaurants, and public commons areas are just a few of the places that need effective cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. This includes not just keeping the areas neat and tidy, but also eliminating potentially harmful microbes as well as other pathogens that pose a serious threat to the people who occupy those spaces every single day. This includes things like The COVID virus Influenza strains Rhinoviruses The Norovirus E. Coli What Is Cleaning? Cleaning is a general term that some people interpret as keeping the area in neat, order. This includes things like vacuuming, wiping down hard [...]

14 06, 2021

How To Protect Your Floors From Salt

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Salt plays an important role in winter road and sidewalk safety. It helps to melt ice and add traction to a lot of important surfaces. Unfortunately, it also means that salt and other chemical treatments can easily adhere to the bottom of shoes and boots, which tracks salt straight into your building. You might not even notice the salt on your floors when they are slightly wet from the gently melting snow. Though when the floors completely dry you are left with ugly salt spots and a floor that looks gritty and dirty. Of course, salt on the floors isn’t [...]

14 06, 2021

Polished Concrete Floor Maintenance Tips For Your Business

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Polished floors make a statement about the professionalism and dedication of a building’s management staff and tenants. Of course, the polish on concrete floors is about more than just the esthetic appearance. It also helps to protect and preserve the concrete from the wear and tear of heavy foot traffic, as well as scrapes, scratches, and potential stains. A professionally polished concrete floor is one of the most durable flooring options for commercial properties and professional offices. It tends to require less maintenance than other floorings like hardwood, or tile. Though polished concrete floors still aren’t “Maintenance Free.” They will [...]

14 06, 2021

What Is A Carpet Extractor & Why It’s Better Than Regular Cleaning

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For some people, the term “Carpet Extractor” might sound a little foreign or perhaps exotic. Though this is a very common term used by commercial property managers, as well as building maintenance and custodial staff. It’s important to note that carpet extraction does not mean removing the carpet from the commercial property. Instead, it is a method of deep cleaning carpets that goes far beyond what a standard vacuum cleaner can ever hope to accomplish. What Are The Benefits Of A Carpet Extractor? A professional-grade carpet extractor does more than just suck up dust, it effectively deep cleans the carpet [...]

19 04, 2021

School Classroom Cleaning & Disinfecting Checklist

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Teachers are tasked with the sacred duty of caring and guiding the precious minds of children. Of course, this includes keeping them safe from illnesses and injuries. Even before things like the COVID-19 pandemic this could be a challenge. Though today things like cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting classrooms, learning materials and general learning space is more important than ever before. Thankfully, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention along with other agencies have stepped up to offer some important guidelines and helpful tips to maintain a clean as well as disinfected learning area for children to not only learn, but [...]

19 04, 2021

Office Window Cleaning Tips

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For as simple as they seem at first glance, it is often challenging to get windows clean without streaks, stray smudges and other minor imperfections. It truly does take the right glass cleaning products and a fair amount of skill or experience to get office windows impeccably clean. To get a better understanding of how to get your office windows professional clean and keep them that way, we will need to take a closer look at how the professionals do it. Right off the bat, let’s be clear here that we are talking about the interior of office windows and [...]

19 04, 2021

What’s A Day Porter & Why Your Facility Needs One

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Commercial properties are often large with multiple tenants and facilities that need frequent care. This is especially true during normal hours of operation when clients, customers, and guests are coming in and out. While each tenant is responsible for their own basic level of upkeep, they are not directly responsible for common areas. When a mess or a problem occurs in halls, commons, dining areas or other spaces that are open to the public, someone will need to attend to them in a timely, professional manner. Stepping in to fill this void is the day porter or day matron. What [...]

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