9 07, 2022

Benefits To Outsourcing Office Cleaning To A Commercial Cleaner

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Commercial properties and business offices are held to higher standards when it comes to professionalism, health, and safety. This means that making sure that your offices are regularly cleaned, needs to be a top priority. Though a lot of business managers are left wondering who the best person is to handle these tasks? Is it better to have current employees multi-task cleaning chores with their official duties? Is it a better idea to hire an in-house custodial staff to maintain the property? When it comes right down to it, multi-tasking your current employees is usually inefficient for business production. Hiring [...]

9 07, 2022

Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Commercial Cleaning Company

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A lot of commercial property owners and business managers weigh their options and end up choosing to have their facilities maintained by a commercial cleaning company. It makes a lot more sense than multi-tasking current employees or attempting to hire an in-house janitorial staff with all the overhead that comes with them. So, let’s say that you’ve taken that next logical step, and you’ve decided to hire a commercial cleaning company to handle your daily cleaning needs and more. Though, you’re probably left scratching your head when it comes to figuring out which company to hire, as well as what [...]

9 07, 2022

Preventing Pest Infestations With Quality Commercial Cleaning

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Ants, rodents, and roaches oh my! These are just a few of the things you don’t want infesting your commercial property or place of business. Especially if your company is in the food service industry. This is one of those times where the best offense is a good defense. It’s certainly easier to prevent pests from infesting your professional spaces than it is to eliminate them and remove the ugly mess they usually leave behind. Though most commercial property owners and business managers find that preventing pest infestations requires a multi-phase approach, that goes beyond emptying trash cans and simply [...]

8 07, 2022

How Often To Schedule Commercial Cleaning For Your Business

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The competitive nature of modern-day business and the demands for the highest degrees of professionalism leave little room for things like office clutter, dust, and disheveled lobby spaces. Yet most employees aren’t trained in professional office cleaning, and even those who have a talent for it should stay focused on their business duties over office cleaning. Yet it remains a certain truth that businesses of all sizes in every sector benefit from scheduled cleaning services from a professional cleaning company like Building Services Inc. Though even the most experienced office managers can sometimes find it difficult to determine how often [...]

8 07, 2022

Campus Cleaning Benefits for a Clean School

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Health and safety are more important now than ever before. Especially in schools and universities that see a lot of student foot traffic. This includes high-touch surfaces, as well as hallways, classrooms, gymnasiums, auditoriums, cafeterias, and other frequently used areas throughout a school. Comprehensive school cleaning and sanitizing convey more benefits than simply reducing the risk of communicable diseases in an educational setting. A growing body of research has found that there are other benefits to going the extra mile in making sure all areas of your school are professionally clean. Teacher Productivity Teachers are on the front lines of [...]

8 07, 2022

How To Reduce Restroom Odors At Offices

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Have you ever walked into a store or restaurant to use the restroom only to be assaulted by foul odors and unsanitary conditions? In times like this, even the most vibrant sign saying that “Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work” is not enough to get you to shop or eat there after seeing such horrendous bathroom conditions. So it only makes sense that this same concept plays out in professional office spaces with unkempt, untidy, and foul-smelling odors. The last thing you want is to come up with the perfect pitch for a potential client only to have [...]

7 07, 2022

What is OSHA Compliance & Why is it Important?

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OHSA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The United States Congress created the OSHA to ensure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education, and assistance. The Individual States and the US Federal government see to the implementation of the rules and guidelines for every professional space. OSHA sets federally mandated standards for employee health, cleanliness, and safety in any work environment. Though their regulations tend to see the strictest adherence and draw the most attention to commercial properties. Especially properties that see a lot of [...]

7 07, 2022

Food Processing Plant Cleaning Tips

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Sanitation and general food safety is critical at every level of food service. Though it’s especially important in food processing plants. Even the slightest error or failure to follow proper sanitation practices can result in a major shutdown from the health and safety department or OSHA. Not only can this cripple production, and lead to food supply chain issues, but it can tarnish your food processing plant’s reputation in the industry. This starts with the basics like making sure that all countertop workspaces and food stations are kept immaculately clean to provide the ideal environment for every type of food [...]

25 05, 2022

How To Clean Common Areas In An Apartment Complex

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There are a lot of critical common areas that need to be kept clean in an apartment building, condo, or other types of multi-family residential complex. This includes areas like the front entry, lobby, foyer, public bathrooms, commissary, and any other shared resident areas. A building that also has a pool or outdoor grounds for residents also needs to be closely attended to and cleaned to maintain strict health & safety standards. Of course, a lot of these residential complexes have common areas, including hallways and elevators that also see a lot of traffic over a week’s time. So, it [...]

14 05, 2022

How To Clean & Maintain Commercial Kitchen Floor Drains To Prevent Clogging

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Commercial kitchens move at a frenetic pace. Especially during peak service when it’s all too easy to end up “In the Weeds.” Of course, every little piece of food debris and accidental spill is destined to end up in one place, the floor drain. One minute you’re working on meal prep and answering tickets, the next minute you’re trying to slip in a pool of grease and water building up from a clogged floor drain. Hey! It’s not the floor drain’s fault. The entire kitchen was designed and engineered to send water and free-flowing debris to it. It was doing [...]

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