29 04, 2022

Hiring A Professional Cleaning Service For A Special Event Saves Time & Money

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Special events can take many forms. In the business world, this can be trade shows, business conferences, franchisee meetings, employee training, and hiring job fairs. In the family and personal realm special events often include things like hosting a wedding on your property, a family reunion, or even a college get-together with fraternity or sorority members. Even schools and higher education institutions offer special events to greet new students, commencement festivities, performances, and major pep rallies that go beyond what your in-house custodial staff can handle. Whatever your special event happens to be, you can trust the expert cleaning technicians [...]

27 04, 2022

How To Remove Floor Stickers Without Residue

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One of the first changes embraced in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic was social distancing. Retail stores, banks, grocery stores, and more rushed to tape down X’s in lines, in front of ATMs and vending machines. These were eventually replaced by large stickers encouraging people to stay six feet apart at all times. A few even included floor signs updating people on what that store’s new safety policies were. Today, most people know the rules and while it will never be 100% gone, COVID-19’s presence seems to be diminished. This has a lot of stores, institutions, and commercial [...]

26 04, 2022

How To Reduce Spring Allergies In Buildings & Schools

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Dust, pollen, and other forms of indoor air pollution can cause respiratory distress, sinus infections, asthma attacks, and other respiratory reactions that can affect the health of students and school faculty. Even things like unaddressed dust mites, pet dander, and even the debris left behind by cockroaches can also cause indoor health problems. Though the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers up a variety of recommendations for ways you can improve indoor air quality in your schools and institutions. This involves doing things like: Control student & faculty contact with indoor airborne allergens Make sure all the indoor areas are well [...]

25 04, 2022

Cleaning & Mopping Public Bathroom Floors Best Practices Guide

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Public bathrooms, lavatories, and locker rooms can all see a lot of activity in the course of a single day. The state of these restrooms also plays a role in how people perceive your professional space. While refilling soap dispensers, emptying waste bins, and refilling paper towel dispensers are relatively easy, cleaning and mopping bathroom floors can be challenging as well as important. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic restrooms that are open, available, and professionally clean have become a top priority around the world. This has commercial property managers striving to implement best practices standards for maintaining all [...]

19 03, 2022

How To Choose A Commercial Cleaner For My Office

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The speed of modern-day business has a lot of office professionals and staffers on their toes trying to not just keep up, but to innovate and thrive in their chosen industry. This often takes a lot of hours and a mentality that understands that “Good Enough Is Not Good Enough.” Of course, this kind of focus on success and service requires specialists, who might not always be experts when it comes to cleaning or sanitizing an office space to impeccable professional standards. That’s probably why so many corporations, small businesses, and office managers hire third-party cleaning companies to handle all [...]

18 03, 2022

Why Choose Professional Daycare Cleaning Services Instead Of Using Staff

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President John F. Kennedy once said that “Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.” This rings true to this day, and you see it at every level, from early childhood education to secondary education and even at the critical daycare level when so many formative milestones are achieved. Of course, as such a precious investment in our future, children also need a clean, healthy, and safe environment to learn, grow and thrive in. There are a lot of daycare and early childhood education facilities wondering if it might be better to hire a [...]

17 03, 2022

Difference Between a Deep Clean and a Regular Cleaning?

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Have you been thinking about hiring a professional deep cleaning service to help maintain and disinfect your residence, business, or commercial property? If so, you are not the only one. These days homeowners, business managers, and commercial property managers all across the country are securing the services of professional cleaning companies not just to provide daily cleaning services. They also do so to have access to special deep cleaning services that go above and beyond normal expectations. Of course, you are probably wondering what the difference is between a deep cleaning and regular cleaning? The truth is, there are a [...]

5 03, 2022

How Often Should a Medical Office Be Cleaned?

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It is critically important for any medical facility cleaning that all areas be thoroughly disinfected consistently. While the forefront of responsibility typically falls to the staff running that clinic, hospital, or medical facility, there are times when professional services need to be brought in. This might be for specialty cleaning services, or to help clean general high traffic areas, while the in-house medical staff stays focused on specialty cleaning tasks. How Often To Schedule A Professional Cleaning For A Medical Office? Just how often you should schedule a professional cleaning can depend on the type of medical office you have, [...]

4 03, 2022

Day vs Night Office Cleaning | Pros & Cons

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Building owners, stakeholders, and commercial property managers are well aware that general office cleaning can potentially affect office performance. Beyond being a potential distraction to employees, it can sometimes send the wrong message to visitors and clients to have janitors bustling about during the day. This has many property managers contemplating whether it would be better to schedule professional cleaning services at night after the building’s normal operating hours have ended. This is an interesting debate and one that goes on in a lot more professional spaces than you might think. To help you understand whether day or night cleaning [...]

3 03, 2022

How to Clean a Beauty Salon Ultimate Checklist

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People have high expectations for how a professional beauty salon should look. When you also consider the number of people that come and go in the course of a single day, it can be a necessary challenge to keep a beauty salon clean, and pristine. Of course, a sanitary beauty salon also sends a message to your new clients and loyal customers that they are in for a truly professional experience. This can go a long way toward long-term customer retention. This goes beyond the basics of keeping floors properly swept up and beauty stations well organized. Most clients expect [...]

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