12 03, 2021

How To Clean A Commercial Kitchen

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Commercial kitchens are held to a very high standard for cleanliness and safety. Food inspectors frequent them and are meticulous in making sure that every single detail is 100% up to code. If something isn’t the chances are very high that the commercial kitchen can be shut down until things are brought up to code. Not only is an incident like this very inconvenient for operations, but it can severely damage the reputation of the foodservice venues that the commercial kitchen supports. It’s clear that a meticulous approach is needed not just daily, but also in weekly cleaning, special deep [...]

22 11, 2019

Commercial Kitchens Need Regular Fat, Oils & Grease Cleanup. Here’s Why

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Grease traps play a crucial role in many professional kitchens and food court spaces. They help to clear away fats, oil, and grease waste in a gradual flow that integrates with the building’s existing wastewater system. Also known as FOG these waste products can sometimes congeal, causing difficult clogs and possibly backing up into the food prep area. What Happens If There Is Too Much Build Up? The ramifications of a FOG build-up can be profound. Depending on how your kitchen’s grease trap and wastewater system is set up, it could lead to slow running drains, clogged drain, back [...]

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