Building Services Inc. offers best in class janitorial services to a wide range of industries. Our professionally trained technicians are dedicated to providing you with the highest standards of service. This includes using the latest technology to service our sites.

Each of our clients also enjoys easy access to a dedicated account manager, who can coordinate all your professional janitorial needs on a timely basis. Our flexible scheduling and reliability mean that you can trust us to tackle all your cleaning tasks.

Customized Cleaning Solutions
For Your Business Needs

Commercial properties can potentially host a significant number of people in a single day. Being able to maintain your site’s appearance during operating hours relies on a variety of interior cleaning services. At Building Services Inc. we offer day porter/matron services to maintain the building during the workday. We also offer nightly cleaning services to make sure everything is pristine for the next day.

Having a day porter or matron from Building Services Inc. on hand ensures that your commercial property looks clean and tidy during operating hours. They can also handle some basic maintenance issues such as replacing lightbulbs, restocking bathrooms, refilling hand sanitizer dispensers, and cleaning spills. Our day porter/matrons can also coordinate with your dedicated account manager to ensure that the night cleaning staff is up to date on all the building’s janitorial needs.

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A building’s exterior says a lot about the professionalism of its tenants. Making sure that the exterior of your building is clean and presentable will help make a good impression for guests, visitors, and employees. Making sure that landscaping features are well maintained and keeping the parking areas are free of refuse will also help deter many of the common pests that can plague a commercial property.

An increasing number of businesses embrace organic or “Green” cleaning products. Not only can our Green Cleaning System help reduce indoor air quality issues, but it also reduces the impact on the surrounding environment. Green Cleaning Products are often the preferred choice for daycare centers and medical clinics where air quality can have a major impact on the employees, occupants, and patients.