Being able to identify what needs to be done before, and in what order is crucial when a disaster strikes your property. Being able to effectively manage the situation as well as the necessary safety and repair measures helps to prevent panic, while potentially reducing the extent of the damage. This can also play a key role in minimizing business interruption, as well as being able to restore normal operations sooner.

Building Services Inc. has a great deal of experience in disaster management and recovery. We have experienced account managers, technicians, specialists, and other staff who can provide fast, 24/7 rapid response services to just about any type of disaster.

Once the disaster has been cleaned, with measures for prevention in place, our team of skilled construction craftspeople will restore the walls, ceiling, floors and more back to its former state.

Professional And Experienced Disaster Recovery Services

Building Services Inc. has been providing rapid-response disaster recovery services for decades to commercial properties throughout New York City, Queens, Bronx, Long Island, New Jersey. Connecticut, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. During this time, we have been a part of many major recovery efforts.

Our experienced and professionally trained staff understands that every disaster recovery situation is unique. We have cultivated the vision to identify and priorities of each of our client’s needs to get them back up and running as soon as possible.

Since we offer janitorial services as well as building management services, it means we have the depth to handle nearly every aspect of your property’s recovery after a disaster. We can provide superior cleaning and restoration services, as well as essential construction services to help repair damaged parts of your property.

Each of our clients also enjoys a dedicated account manager. This provides you with a single point of contact for expedient communications. They can also help coordinate with other disaster relief and repair personnel to speed the recovery process.

We can also work hand in hand with your insurance providers to prove a seamless experience. We can also help you wade through the paperwork process to make sure your claim is handled quickly, effectively, and cost-efficiently.

Storm damage, failure of water management systems, and plumbing problems can quickly introduce water into parts of your property where it simply does not belong. In a situation like this, a fast response is called for to minimize water damage, as well as prevent problems with mold.

Building Services Inc. offers a 24/7 rapid response service, which is available 365 days of the year. Our highly trained and experienced technicians can work quickly to get the water problem under control. We can then carry out the process of drying all affected areas.

Our dedicated account managers can work with you and any other repair professionals to endure the water problem does not recur. We will also document the incident to speed the claims process with your insurance provider.

Even a small fire can cause significant damage. This can be compounded by fire extinguisher discharge, smoke stains, and problems with soot particles in the air. In the event that the fire department needed to intervene, or an overhead sprinkler system was engaged, there could also be significant water damage.

Addressing these problems and containing the air as quickly as possible is crucial for minimizing complications. We offer a 24/7 rapid response service which can come in to assess the damage and start the restoration process.

This includes things like sealing off the area to prevent further exposure to unwanted materials and odors, as well as starting the water extraction process. Fire damaged areas that also suffer water damage are increasingly prone to developing indoor mold problems which can come back to haunt you months or even years later. We also have skilled craftsman who can come in and repair any and all damage to the walls, floors and ceiling.

Building Service’s technicians will also document the incident. This can help to greatly speed the claims process through your insurance provider.

Indoor mold problems are increasingly common. Most are related things like past water problems or failure in a building’s mechanical systems that leaves excess moisture behind. This often provides an ideal environment for natural mold spores in the air to germinate on porous surfaces.

If a mold problem goes unnoticed or simply ignored for long enough, it can cause a variety of worsening problem. This includes structural damage to materials, damage to personal items and medical complications. For a commercial property, a severe mold problem could also become a liability issue.

Building Services Inc. specializes in complete mold remediation services. Our experienced technicians use the latest mold remediation technology to eliminate any active mold colonies. As needed, we can provide you with documentation stating that the mold problem has been professionally remediated. Once completely remediated with mold preventions in place, our crew can completely rebuild the area to return it to like new.

Afterward, we will help you understand the things you can do to prevent mold from redeveloping. If you would like we can schedule follow up inspection tests to further certified that the mold problem has not returned.