Your building’s exterior is the first thing that employees, guests, and clients see. It is also something that factors heavily with current and potential tenants.

When a building’s exterior is clean and well kept it transmits an air of professionalism. An unkempt exterior tends to be off-putting and sends a message that you or your tenants don’t take pride in what you do. It’s also worth noting that some exterior maintenance issues, like failing to remove snow and ice from walkways could result in liability problems!

Fortunately, Building Services Inc. offers a broad menu of professional cleaning services which includes maintaining exterior spaces.

Window Cleaning

Shiny clean windows reflect more than just the sunlight. They are also a statement on the quality and reputation of your building. At Building Services we understand that a clean looking exterior relies on clean windows. In fact, there are some buildings that have more exterior window space, than walls!

Our process starts with an exterior assessment of the number of windows, which includes window placement. At the current time, we can clean windows up to five stories high.

During this phase of the process, we also try to assess the state of the windows. This includes evaluating how much they may have been affected by the weather, glass abrasions, cracked or damaged glass as well as other things like stuck-on dust and pollen.

Your dedicated account manager will work with you to set up a time that fits in with your schedule. If you prefer, we can schedule the exterior window cleaning for after-hours or on a weekend. Many of our clients set up a routine window cleaning schedule.

Our professional window cleaning technicians will make sure that every component of your windows has been properly cleaned. When applicable we might be able to polish a window that has dulled to restore its original shine.

Power Washing

Exterior power washing can be used to address several potential issues. It is very similar to pressure washing, except with power washing heat is applied to the washing solution. Some of the most common include things like removing graffiti, eliminating mildew on porous surfaces, or clearing away discoloration on wood, or removing chipped paint. There are also times when a power washer can be used to clean up landscaping features, such as removing bird droppings from statuary.

Building Service Inc. also offers power washing services that include things like:

  • Degreasing and sanitizing around dumpsters and refuse

  • Gutter cleaning

  • Removing exterior residue

  • Bird and animal dropping removal

  • Removing chewing gum from a sidewalk or parking lot

  • Clearing away old paint and varnish from wood

  • Physical removal of moss, mildew, and small plants

  • Melted rubber

  • Spilled adhesives

  • Rust and corrosion spots on metal

  • Smoke stains

  • Tar and excess seal coat

Parking Lot Maintenance

A clean and tidy parking lot or parking structure also sends an important message about things like a pride of ownership as well as professionalism. Our professional service includes periodically patrolling parking areas to pick up refuse and empty wastebaskets. If a more serious maintenance issue is discovered, we can also coordinate with the building maintenance staff.

Removing refuse, especially discarded food, on a consistent basis can help deter pests like rodents, cockroaches, and even raccoons. When these creatures find a food source in a parking lot, they inevitably start to move closer to the building. By making sure your parking areas are clean and well maintained you greatly reduce your chances of suffering interior pest problems.


Many commercial properties have some type of landscaping.

Building Services Inc offers a wide range of exterior landscaping maintenance services. This includes complete lawn care maintenance, as well as tree and shrub care. If necessary, we can also help with pest control such as removing insects from bushes or hives from exterior structures.

This might include things like:

  • Retaining walls

  • Steps

  • Exterior walkways

  • Patio spaces

  • Mulched planting beds

  • Softscape flowers, trees, and other plants

  • Statues and fountains

Facade Cleaning

Facade Cleaning is a specialized skill that often includes professional power washing service, and so much more. There are common contaminants that are sometimes found on buildings, and older structures. Our technicians have a working knowledge of just what pressure levels and cleaning agents are necessary to refresh a façade, without issue. This includes information on proper waste disposal.

Building Services Inc specializes in various facets of building restoration. This can be as simple as removing some grime and surface dirt, or something as complicated as eliminating contaminated materials and cleaning away smoke stains.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is very similar to power washing, except with pressure washing the water and other cleaning solutions are not heated. We typically use pressure washing for general cleanup of large exterior spaces.

This could include things like:

  • Grime and sand stuck between paving stones

  • Excess debris after an event

  • Removing paint from wood before repainting

  • Removing old varnish from exterior wood before refinishing

  • Cleaning tall vertical surfaces

Snow Removal

In the wintertime snow removal and ice management becomes very important for commercial properties. If someone is injured due to improper or negligent maintenance of a walkway it could lead to very serious liability issues.

Building Services Inc offers a variety of winter maintenance services. This includes:

  • Timely snow plowing

  • Salting walkways and high foot traffic pavement

  • Snow removal

  • Snow hauling

  • Applying calcium chloride

  • Basic snow shoveling and snow blowing service