These days an increasing number of people are environmentally conscious. Though for us being “Green” isn’t just about embracing a popular idea. At Building Services Inc. we are proud to offer a broad menu of green cleaning services. Our goal is to provide the highest standard of janitorial services to environmentally conscious businesses who want to provide employees and guests a healthy, chemical-free space.

Our Green Cleaning System is designed to be inclusive as well as comprehensive. We also stay apprised of the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design projects) as well as the Green Building Rating System which was originally developed by the United States Green Building Council. This means you can trust that we are always using the latest technology and equipment to clean your site.

  • Meeting government air and water quality regulations

  • Reducing the cost of waste management

  • Encouraging recycling

  • Public relations

  • Client and visitor relations

If you are interested in learning more about Building Services Green Cleaning System, your dedicated account manager can answer all your questions.

What Are The Environmental Benefits Of The Green Cleaning System?

Using green cleaning products not only reduces the number of chemicals that are released into the surrounding environment, but it also helps to decrease air pollution. Some of the alternative products also reduce ozone depletion. At the same time, the packaging is recyclable, which also serves to minimize landfill waste.

Does the Green Cleaning System Help Employees And Visitors?

It’s a sad fact of modern life that we are all introduced to chemicals that are bad for our health. Even trace amount of man-made chemicals can eventually cause long term complications.

By using organic or “Green Cleaning” products in your commercial property, we help you to reduce the number of chemicals your employees and guests are exposed to in a given day. This means there is no risk of them inhaling chemicals or absorbing harmful man-made chemicals through their skin.

Another benefit of the Green Cleaning System is the fresh, natural scent. This spares the occupants of your property from the strong chemical cleaning odors of man-made products.

Green Cleaning Improves Air Quality In Your Building

A growing body of research has found a link between indoor air pollution and many chronic respiratory conditions. In some of these cases, industrial cleaning products have contributed to air quality issues. Especially in closed environments where the air is recirculated.

A large percentage of commercial cleaning products contain VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Even a small amount in the air can cause respiratory irritation, headaches and other respiratory symptoms.

These symptoms can be exacerbated in young children, the elderly and those who have a sensitive immune system. Using Green Cleaning products in places like daycare centers, schools, and medical clinics helps reduce air quality problems in occupants and patients.