Special events can take many forms. In the business world, this can be trade shows, business conferences, franchisee meetings, employee training, and hiring job fairs. In the family and personal realm special events often include things like hosting a wedding on your property, a family reunion, or even a college get-together with fraternity or sorority members. Even schools and higher education institutions offer special events to greet new students, commencement festivities, performances, and major pep rallies that go beyond what your in-house custodial staff can handle.

Whatever your special event happens to be, you can trust the expert cleaning technicians at Building Services Inc. to be ready to help.

One Time Event Cleaning Services

At Building Services Inc. we are proud to offer a full-service one time, special event cleaning service. This involves a multi-stage approach that includes:

  • Pre-event support & set up
  • After the event professional cleaning
  • Personalized service by expertly trained professionals
  • Timely availability with flexible scheduling options
  • Event waste disposal
  • Discrete porter cleaning services during the event

Stay Involved & Leave All the Cleaning to Us!

One of the most important things about hosting a special event is the opportunity to be present. Whether it’s pressing the flesh to meet and greet new customers, connecting with loyal clients, or hugging long-lost family members at a reunion, you need to be front and center. The last thing you need is to be wearing yourself thin micromanaging setup, running ragged during the event, or falling asleep on your feet trying to clean up afterward. Especially when you can let the expert cleaning professionals at Building Services handle all of that for you.

Of course, we understand that no two properties and no two events are the same. So, we make it a point to work closely with you to understand your needs and priorities.
We use this important information to establish a comprehensive cleaning plan for every phase of your special event. This gives you peace of mind, and the confidence to be fully present at your special event, while we discreetly handle all of the dirty work.

Special Events We Service

Building Services Inc. has years of experience cleaning all manner of personal, private, professional, and corporate events. This includes:

  • Fundraising events
  • Industry trade shows
  • Business & Commercial Events
  • Corporate conferences
  • Business networking events
  • Franchise training seminars
  • Large scale sales meetings
  • Customer appreciation events
  • Grand opening celebrations
  • Retirement parties

Advanced Set Up Cleaning

Building Services has worked enough special events to know that pre-event setup can be just as messy as post-event clean-up. Especially if your home or commercial property needs to be transformed, decorated, and staged.

Our experienced cleaning technicians can be on hand from the start, handling all your pre-event cleaning needs. This lets you stay focused on setting the mood, decorating the venue, and making sure all the important details are needed to match your vision for the special event.
As needed we can handle things like:

  • Spot cleaning
  • Packaging removal
  • Dusting
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Sweeping, mopping, and hard floor cleaning
  • Stain removal
  • Post setup cleaning

We also offer deep cleaning services as part of our special event cleaning menu. This can include things like bathroom and food service area deep cleaning as well as deep cleaning floors and removing stubborn old stains.

Event Custodial and Porter Services

You need to be front and center at your special event. As needed we can provide special event custodians or porters to coordinate cleaning during the event. We have the experience to practice the utmost discretion, without disturbing you or your guests.

Post Event Cleanup & Restoration

When the event is over and the lights turn low, there’s still a lot of cleaning left to do. Of course, having spent the entire time front and center, you’re sure to be wiped out and too tired to clean. You deserve to rest and reflect, while our expert cleaning technicians descend on the post-event cleanup with vigor.

We remove all refuse and remove all delicate items before bringing in professional cleaning equipment. Our cleaning technicians can help with the takedown process to ensure all the details meet your exacting details.

We strive to restore your home, office, or commercial property to its original state, leaving it clean and pristine. We clean inside or out, dispose of excess garbage, and complete rejuvenation of your property.

Depending on your type of event our services can also include carpet and rug hot water extraction, upholstery cleaning, stain removal, leather extraction, driveway, and patio power washing as well as specialized window cleaning.

Building Services Cleaning Methodology

Building Services after event cleaning services are carefully designed to follow a strict cleaning methodology that will be modified to match your customized cleaning plan. The goal is to clean every room, nook, or cranny of your property. Our expert cleaning technicians use the best cleaning products and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment for the best possible results.

Green Cleaning Products

Building Services is proud to offer a wide range of green cleaning products. They are ecologically friendly, and they leave behind a fresh organic aroma, rather than the toxic chemical odors that come with a lot of traditional harsh cleaning chemicals. Your guests will be impressed with how clean and fresh your home or venue is. These products are also formulated to have a minimal carbon footprint and even come in recyclable packaging with an emphasis on minimizing any potential landfill waste.

Trained, Vetted & Trustworthy

All of Building Service’s cleaning technicians are hardworking trained professionals, who are fully vetted and qualified to work in family or professional settings. This includes training in how to discreetly service clients during events, as well as how to work with other contractors and set up professionals. We work with your event staff seamlessly, to let you confidently focus on the important details of your special event.