It is critically important for any medical facility cleaning that all areas be thoroughly disinfected consistently. While the forefront of responsibility typically falls to the staff running that clinic, hospital, or medical facility, there are times when professional services need to be brought in. This might be for specialty cleaning services, or to help clean general high traffic areas, while the in-house medical staff stays focused on specialty cleaning tasks.

How Often To Schedule A Professional Cleaning For A Medical Office?

Just how often you should schedule a professional cleaning can depend on the type of medical office you have, the amount of foot traffic and the type of cleaning you need to be performed. There are also different services to consider.

General Cleaning

Professional cleaning companies like Building Services Inc. offer a wide range of general cleaning services. They can be performed during your normal daytime patient hours, or the cleaning can be performed at night after you are done seeing any patients for the day.
This typically includes things like

  • Sweeping
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Tidying up high traffic areas
  • Wiping down high contact surfaces
  • Straightening lobbies and waiting rooms
  • Cleaning smudged or streaked interior windows

If your medical clinic sees a lot of patients or has a high volume of foot traffic, you might want to schedule general cleaning services to be performed every day. At Building Services Inc., we offer daytime cleaning services or night cleaning crews to fit your scheduling needs. If you do need our technicians to service your medical office, we will do so with the utmost discretion without interfering with your patients.

Day Porter Services

A lot of medical clinics will also reach out to professional cleaning companies to secure one or more on-site day porters. These are highly trained professionals who essentially remain on-site and at the ready throughout your normal clinical hours. They make sure that the common areas of the clinic and building are properly maintained throughout the day.

This might include things like:

  • Tidying up the bathrooms
  • Refilling all paper towels, soap & hand sanitizer dispensers
  • Performing spot cleaning duties
  • Handling cleaning emergencies
  • Coordinating with your on-site janitorial staff
  • Communicating with the night cleaning staff
  • Monitoring the exterior of the building for potential problems
  • Deep Cleaning & Disinfecting

While the majority of clinical cleaning and disinfecting is typically carried out by a medical office’s trained clinical staff, there are always times when a periodic deep cleaning is called for. This goes far beyond patient treatment areas, to include deep cleaning general areas such as:

  • Lobbies & patient waiting rooms
  • Bathrooms & other lavatory facilities
  • Office areas
  • Stripping & refinishing hard floors
  • Deep cleaning high traffic areas
  • Deep cleaning general inventory & storage areas
  • Strategic disinfection procedures to eliminate pathogens
  • Meticulous interior window cleaning

The frequency with which deep cleaning is performed by a professional cleaning company like Building Services Inc. can vary depending on the type of medical office, as well as the kind of patient traffic that visits clinical areas.

A medical office that focuses largely on clerical duties might only need to schedule a professional deep cleaning every three to six months. A lot of these medical offices will set up a deep cleaning as part of their seasonal transitions.

Though a medical office that sees a relatively high patient load might choose to have a professional deep cleaning performed once every month, or perhaps once every two months. This can vary depending on management practices or seasonal considerations.

Exterior Cleaning

Exterior cleaning is another one of those things that are easy to ignore, right up until there is an obvious problem. Though the truth is, a lot of patients and professional visitors perceive the exterior of your medical office as a viable first impression.

An unkempt parking lot with refuse blowing about and overflowing garbage cans is one thing. When you compound this general shoddy appearance with things like stuck-on gum, bird droppings, and stains on the exterior of the building, it can send a bad message to patients and professional guests about the quality of care being administered within.

Fortunately, a lot of professional cleaning companies like Building Services Inc. have commercial-grade equipment and experienced technicians to maintain parking structures and exterior cleanliness on a daily or weekly basis.

We also offer special power washing services to eliminate gum, bird droppings, and most exterior stains. This can be performed on a monthly or seasonal basis depending on the weather.

Exterior Window Cleaning

Just like parking areas, awnings, and sidewalks the exterior of your medical office’s windows also send a statement to patients and visitors about the level of professionalism contained inside. Most medical clinics that have less than three stories will tend to schedule a complete exterior window cleaning on a seasonal basis.

This typically includes in the spring to remove the dust and dried-on grime of winter. Then again in the summer after trees have finished releasing pollen, which clings to large plate glass windows. Finally, a fall cleaning helps keep the exterior glass as clear as possible, before the cold months of winter set in, preventing further window washing until temperatures warm again.

Why You Should Hire A Professional Cleaning Company

Most of the positions in the medical profession require a specific level of education and specialized focus. While most clinical professionals are adept at cleaning patient treatment areas to exacting standards, other general areas are usually outside their purview. At the same time, their expertise is always going to be better spent treating patients, rather than tidying up lobby areas and restocking bathrooms.

When you hire a third-party professional cleaning company like Building Services Inc., you can trust that highly trained professional cleaning technicians are using commercial-grade cleaning products and equipment to meticulously maintain your medical office spaces. This can also include things like our special Green Cleaning services, which use ecologically friendly cleaning agents, that leave behind a pleasant natural smell, rather than the harsh toxic odor a lot of other cleaning products create.

We have decades of experience working with a wide range of medical offices. Our experienced technicians can help you understand the best types of cleaning services, as well as how often they need to be performed to maintain your medical office with the highest professional standards.