The competitive nature of modern-day business and the demands for the highest degrees of professionalism leave little room for things like office clutter, dust, and disheveled lobby spaces. Yet most employees aren’t trained in professional office cleaning, and even those who have a talent for it should stay focused on their business duties over office cleaning.

Yet it remains a certain truth that businesses of all sizes in every sector benefit from scheduled cleaning services from a professional cleaning company like Building Services Inc. Though even the most experienced office managers can sometimes find it difficult to determine how often they need to schedule a commercial office cleaner.

The reality is that each and every business is different. The needs of each can vary depending on its size, industry, and a wide range of other factors.

To properly determine just how often your commercial space needs professional cleaning, we need to look at some important details. Along the way, we’ll need to ask and answer a few important questions.

Factors To Consider For Scheduling Commercial Cleaning Services

Right off the bat, most commercial property managers don’t have the time to micromanage every square inch of their massive facilities. By setting up a routine schedule for commercial cleaning services, you can rest easy knowing that everything will get cleaned on time, every time. This lets you turn your focus to more important aspects of managing your property.

If you have multiple tenants renting out sites within your commercial property, their needs are also an important factor. A food court for example is going to need more cleaning attention and disinfecting than a bookstore. Even if you have a general commercial property, with typical office spaces, you still need to set up a general schedule for ease of operations.

A lot of commercial property managers find that asking and answering the following questions helps to better dial in the professional cleaning schedule that is best for their site. Ask yourself:

How Large Is Your Business?

The size and scale of your business is an important factor. Cleaning needs will be different for a large commercial warehouse compared to a small storefront.

In general, the larger the space is the more time it will take to clean. This translates into needing to schedule cleaning services more frequently.

Many large commercial properties will even divide the site into cleaning zones. Each might have its own cleaning schedule based on needs. This ensures that a food court is getting the frequent cleaning it needs on a daily basis. While a zone full of retail stores might need less frequent cleaning. Many times, a strategy like this helps to better keep your workplace running efficiently.

How Many Employees & Staff Do You Have?

The size of your staff is just important as the square footage of your business. With more employees, you’ll have more waste to manage and more foot traffic, meaning your carpets, floors, and restrooms will see more use and need more frequent cleaning. If you have dozens of employees, you may want to invest in daily cleaning services to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for them.

How Often Do Public Guests & Stakeholders Visit The Property?

The cold hard truth is that retail spaces with a lot of public guests, and commercial office spaces that are frequently visited by stakeholders need a higher level of consistent professional cleaning. These are environments where the expectations for cleanliness may be higher. Especially in high-traffic areas like front lobbies, waiting areas, and showrooms.

What Areas Need The Most Cleaning?

In any commercial property, there are areas that need more frequent cleaning. This includes places like:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens and cafeterias
  • Lobbies
  • Showrooms and product displays
  • Employee workstations

A commercial property like a warehouse might have a limited number of these spaces. Whereas a commercial property with several independent offices, or retail spaces might have multiple bathrooms, showrooms, and display areas that need more attention.

If you have a modest janitorial staff to handle the daily cleaning of these critical spaces, you won’t need to hire a professional cleaning service as often. If you don’t have on-site custodial staff, it might be worthwhile to invest in a local porter service to make sure they’re cleaned and well-stocked at all hours of the workday.

If your existing custodial staff can’t keep up with cleaning in important areas, a daily cleaning service might be needed to ensure they stay sanitized and ready for use.

The Benefits of Scheduling A Professional Cleaning Service

A lot of commercial property managers find themselves asking if it’s better to increase their in-house custodial staff or to contract professional cleaning services to handle their commercial cleaning needs. Many of the property managers who choose to schedule a commercial cleaning service enjoy the following benefits.

Saves Time & Money

Contracting a scheduled cleaning service saves you time and money. Anytime you hire a permanent member of staff, the costs for things like hourly pay during slow times, employee benefits, and more all start to add up. When you outsource your cleaning needs to a professional cleaning contractor, you can keep costs to the bare minimum while maintaining consistently high sanitation standards.

Greater Productivity

There’s no doubt about it, that a clean office is a more efficient workplace. Scheduling regular cleaning services can help your workplace operate at peak productivity. It also means that employees are spending less time picking up and more time focused on the important tasks at hand.

Promotes Professionalism

Contracting regularly scheduled cleaning services boosts the sense of professionalism while also helping to promote a positive work environment. Employees in a clean, professional workspace tend to feel welcome, more valued, and ready to put in their best work. Not only will help you improve health and safety measures but it can also boost company morale.

Reduced Employee Sick Days

A routine, rigorous cleaning schedule helps to reduce the presence of potential pathogens in the workplace. Regularly scheduling professional cleaning helps protect your staff against illnesses and diseases, as well as other risks like pest infestations. This results in fewer employee work days lost to sickness.