A professionally cleaned restaurant is critical on multiple levels. First of all, it presents a level of professionalism and ambiance that you need to attract new customers and keep returning customers loyal to your menu. It also goes a long way toward avoiding food safety code violations that can cost money, potentially close down your dining room, and permanently damage your reputation in the community.

While your in-house staff can typically handle many of the basic cleaning and food safety measures, they might not have the training or access to the kind of professional cleaning equipment needed to execute a meticulous level of sanitation.

Pressure washing is one of the most effective ways to clean hard surfaces in your restaurant kitchen and other hard surfaces.

Professional Pressure Washing Keeps A Restaurant’s Exterior Clean

There are several benefits provided by professional pressure washing it starts with the exterior of the building as well as other parts of your restaurant. A professional pressure washing process typically starts with the exterior of the building and continues into key pieces of equipment and floors in the kitchen or other foodservice prep areas.

General Exterior Cleaning

A lot of municipalities require the property owner or tenant to maintain the sidewalk or boulevard area outside the building. This can be challenging in certain locations where dirt and grime can build up in a short period of time. Professional pressure washing helps blast away loose debris, and things like stuck-on gum while also brightening up otherwise dingy concrete, brick, and other hard surfaces.

Outdoor Dining Areas

Patio spaces and other outdoor dining areas are incredibly popular. Especially in the warm weather months. Though they can also attract a fair amount of dirt and grime from foot traffic, not to mention the stains of spilled drinks and food. Professional pressure washing can help clean these outdoor dining areas quickly while removing any traces of food and beverage debris.

Bird Droppings

Seagulls, pigeons, and other birds that frequent human-occupied areas love to hang around restaurants and outdoor dining areas. Whether they are trying to steal a snack from a diner or looking to pilfer a meal from the dumpster outback, they tend to leave a lot of droppings. Not only are bird droppings visually unappealing, but they can also be a major bacterial health risk that draws the unwanted attention of local food inspectors. Professional pressure washing lifts and sprays away even thick accumulations of bird droppings leaving a clean, and appealing surface behind.

Patio Furniture

Wrought iron, resin, and other types of hard surface patio furniture can accumulate dust, grime, and bird droppings to a degree that is hard to effectively clean with solutions and wiping alone. Professional power washing helps blast away unwanted materials from patio furniture leaving it clean and sanitary.


The entryway of your brick-and-mortar restaurant is the first thing guests see when they walk into your establishment. Grime, dust, stuck-on gum, and residual bird droppings can all leave your entryway looking dirty and unhealthy. Professional power washing blasts away unwanted debris to leave it looking clean and new in a fraction of the time it takes to try to accomplish the same thing with an exterior mop.


Dust, pollen and residual grime can build up on your restaurant’s windows. Not only can it dull the view for your patrons, but it can also send the wrong message to people who are thinking about visiting your restaurant for the first time. Professional power washing can help eliminate dust and residual grime faster and more cost-effectively than a squeegee and window washing fluid.


Just like your entryway and outdoor dining areas an awning your outdoor awnings are a highly visible part of your restaurant’s exterior. They also tend to be the ideal place for birds to perch and leave behind foul-smelling and unsightly droppings. Professional power washing can quickly clear away bird droppings, dust, pollen, and residual tree debris in a matter of moments leaving behind a clean and sanitary outdoor space.


Certain restaurants in urban and suburban areas can be a prime target for graffiti artists. Repainting or painting over the graffiti can be laborious and rarely matches the surrounding color of the exterior walls perfectly. If your restaurant has been “Tagged” by graffiti artists, professional power wash is often a cost-effective alternative for restoring your restaurant’s original outside appearance.

Dumpster & Outdoor Refuse Areas

Dumpsters have a knack for leaking as well as attracting birds and other unwanted pests. Professional power washing can quickly blast away unwanted food debris and animal droppings saving you time and easing your worries about the next time the food inspection wants to inspect the refuse area.

How Pressure Washing Can Help Clean The Interior Of A Restaurant

Once the exterior of the restaurant has been professionally power washed attention can be turned to the interior.

Floors & Baseboards

These are areas prone to food spatter and one of the first places that food and health inspectors check. Professional power washing helps to clean away even older stains and dried-on food spatters in a matter of moments without the need for caustic chemicals, degreaser, or manhours lost to excessive scrubbing.

Kitchen Exhaust & Duct Work

Smoke stains and grease can build up on kitchen vents and exhaust systems in a way that not only looks unsightly but can also become an increasing fire risk. Careful professional power washing helps lift and release this residue quickly, leaving behind a clean as well as properly sanitized overhead ventilation system.

Dining Room Floors

If you have tile or concrete dining room floors in your front of the house, something as seemingly simple as a spilled drink or a splash of greasy butter can be a real safety risk. Professional power washing hard dining room floors in the hours after service can go a long way toward ensuring that no one will suffer a slip and fall today caused by a casual spill leftover from yesterday.