Urgent care clinics often have a high demand for cleaning services, as they see a lot of foot traffic from sick and injured people. In many parts of the country, urgent care clinics see more patients in a single day than a lot of hospital emergency rooms!

Of course, all of the potential diseases and biohazards that come into an health care facility are at risk of being spread. This means they need to be held to the highest standards for health, safety, and sanitation.

This means that urgent care clinic managers, like you, have to turn a discerning eye to find just the right cleaning company to maintain their facilities with the highest sanitation standards. This process typically calls for performing an accurate assessment of your urgent care clinic and its needs on a daily basis, as well as how often you need professional deep cleaning performed.

How Often Does Your Urgent Care Clinic Need Cleaning

All urgent care facilities need to be cleaned regularly with terminal cleaning. Though high traffic clinics need more frequent cleaning services than those that only see intermittent treatment demands.

Of course, your clinical staff likely manages the cleaning and disinfecting of examination rooms, treatment spaces, and sensitive equipment between each patient visit. Most urgent care clinics then use professional cleaning services to handle the cleaning and disinfecting during slower business hours.

Determining just how often your urgent care clinic needs thorough cleanings depends on the amount of foot traffic, traffic flow patterns, and other considerations. An urgent care facility that provides 24-hour services and sees a significant amount of patient traffic, might want to secure the services of a day porter and matron. This is an individual or custodial group that carries out daily cleaning and disinfecting. This frees up your clinical staff to stay focused on critical patient care.

Consider The Size of Your Urgent Care Facility

Larger urgent care clinics require more cleaning personnel, additional cleaning products, and equipment, to maintain an effective level of cleanliness and sanitation. This is why more experienced commercial cleaning companies request to perform an on-site evaluation of an urgent care facility to fully understand the specific needs. If you contact a cleaning company, and they simply offer you a bargain-rated quote sight-unseen, chances are good that you will find yourself displeased with some of the shortcuts they take once they fully understand the breadth of the job.

Understanding Your Urgent Care Clinic’s Unique Needs

Each urgent care clinic is different and has its own unique needs. Especially if your clinical space is being leased as part of a larger commercial property. So, your cleaning services provider must be aware of the unique needs of your urgent care facility.

You should consider the finer point details like:

  • How often do the bathrooms need to be cleaned
  • How often do trash receptacles need to be cleaned
  • The services and cleaning requirements of any rapid response lab facilities in your clinic
  • The foot traffic of your clinic
  • The type of patients you most commonly see
  • The general risk of communicable diseases in your region or community
  • How frequently do biohazards need to be removed from the facility

Take Into Account Urgent Care Regulatory Compliance

The healthcare industry is rife with health and safety regulations that need to be followed to the letter. These codes tend to be even more strict in certain areas that are hotspots for communicable diseases. When looking for the best urgent care cleaning provider make sure to look for one that is fully aware of and compliant with all regulations pertaining to your urgent care facility.

This often means looking for a professional cleaning service provider that has extensive training systems and processes in place and cleaning technicians who understand the importance of regulatory compliance. This also includes industry practices such as HIPAA regulations and biological waste disposal to limit the risk of blood-borne pathogen cross-contamination.

Evaluate The Cleaning Company’s Communication Protocols

Communication is a critical component of any working business relationship. It’s even more important for urgent care facilities that often need specialty services from their professional cleaning service provider. Ideally, you want a cleaning provider who gives you a dedicated contact person who is designated to your facility as well as a backup contact in case of emergency. This also means that they are familiar with your needs and can expedite clean services as needed. This also serves to establish a chain of command with open lines of communication between you and the provider.

The Building Services Advantage

When you choose to contract Building Services Inc to be the cleaning provider for your urgent care facility, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that true professionals are on the job. Each of our cleaning technicians is highly trained, with access to commercial, medical-grade cleaning equipment.

We have years of experience working with a wide range of medical facilities. This includes a variety of urgent care facilities that have unique needs and require a professional cleaning services provider to meet them.

Building Services also offers a variety of cleaning services. If you have a larger urgent care clinic that is open 24/7 and sees a lot of incoming patient foot traffic, you might be interested in having one of our day matrons or porters caring for your facility. This is one of our most experienced cleaning professionals, who take charge of our on-site custodial staff. They coordinate all cleaning needs during the day and can serve as a liaison should you need special services or need help managing an emergency cleanup.

We also offer cleaning, weekly and deep cleaning services for urgent care clinics and medical facilities. As needed, we can maintain your urgent care clinic during patient hours, or after your clinical hours have ended for the day. While we are onsite our cleaning technicians will maintain the utmost discretion and respect for your patients and staff.

Before assigning any of our cleaning technicians Building Services makes sure they are expertly trained to meet your needs. This includes making sure that everything is cleaned to industry protocols and regulations.