It’s no secret that insurance companies and similar institutions pay claims based on their best interest. Of course, they have decades of experience and tactics set up to preserve their bottom line, regardless of the claim that you, the policyholder, submit.

Thankfully, you and your business are not alone in the fight to seek proper payment of your valid claim. This comes in the form of a public claims adjuster who works directly on behalf of policyholders. Every day businesses contract professional claims adjusters to do things like assist in filing a claim or evaluate a settlement offer issues by an insurance company that may be incorrect.

This includes claims for property loss, flood damage, fire and smoke damage, as well as weather-related damage from things like wind and strong storms, just to name a few.

Where Can I Find A Reputable Public Insurance Adjuster?

Building Services Inc. works with and has long-term relationships with many public adjusters across the tri-state area. We can match up your specific business and insurance needs to the best public adjuster suited to your specific situation with the expertise to give you the best possible outcome with your claim, done right the first time.

Types Of Claims Adjuster

Of course, just like other fields, there are different types of adjusters who may specialize in a specific type of claim. There are some larger professional organizations that also keep a wide range of specialist claims adjusters in-house to make sure they have everything their clients need to secure the settlement they deserve.

There are also some claims adjusters who are affiliated with insurance companies to help speed the process of a straight-forward claim or one that may need specific details investigated for accuracy.

Staff Adjuster

A staff adjuster is typically affiliated or directly employed by an insurance company. They often serve multiple purposes. In a straight-forward case, they might help expedite the claims process, which might even include cutting you a settlement check based on the insurance company’s established standards. This can be very helpful for settling things like emergency damages from fire or natural disasters to restore your normal business operations as soon as possible.

A Staff Adjuster might also be deployed by an insurance company to help investigate the details of a claim. In this capacity, they are often charged with making sure that all the details are correct, and every regulation is up to established standards.

Independent Adjuster

As the name implies, an Independent Claims Adjuster is a third party who is contracted to both assist in expediting the process, while also making sure all the pertinent details are addressed. In more complex claims they may need to be agreed upon both by you the business filing the claim, as well as the insurance company or organization responsible for covering the policy.

Public Insurance Adjuster

A public insurance adjuster may be called to assist a policyholder who feels that the original settlement offer by the insurance company is inaccurate. They may also be needed in cases where the policyholder felt the insurance company’s claims adjuster did not thoroughly document all the pertinent details correctly. Just bear in mind that has a contracted professional a public insurance adjuster will have a stipulated fee, with the potential for additional costs.

When Should I Hire A Public Insurance Adjuster?

This can be a little bit of a tough question for a business to answer. Right off the bat, if you’ve had past disputes with your insurance company addressing one of your claims in a timely manner, or you think that they offered a settlement that was largely in their own best financial interests, then a public insurance adjuster is worth considering.

Even if you were satisfied with your past experience, or this is your first time filing a claim for your business or commercial property you own, a public insurance adjuster can help speed the process. Especially in a complex case where there are a lot of details and moving parts.

Public Insurance Adjusters Reduce Hassles And Stress

A public insurance adjuster knows how to navigate the thick layers of red tape that insurance providers often use to insulate themselves from settling an expensive claim. In the case of a natural disaster or some other event that has caused a stoppage in normal operations, a public insurance adjuster can be your advocate for a speedy resolution.

With these scenarios, you and your staff will likely be tasked with maintaining some minimal level of service or participating in the fine details of speeding the restoration process. If you don’t have someone focused on coordinating and communicating with the insurance provider, the claims process can be delayed. At the same time, your settlement might end up being under-served.

Having a public claims adjuster on your side lets you keep your focus on the important details of maintaining your business, while they handle communication with the insurance provider. They are also adept at providing the documentation in a way that insurance providers want to see it. This might also include documents for regulatory agencies in the case of something like a flood, spill, or fire.

What Should I Look For In A Public Insurance Adjuster?

The temptation is simply to hire the first public insurance adjuster you find in the phone book. However, a little bit of extra research, and applying some basic criteria will do a better job of helping you find the one that is right for your business as well as the type of claim you need to file.

Look For Professional Networking And Accreditation

Ideally, you want a potential public insurance adjuster to be well connected, and informed. This might include things like membership in organizations like:

  • The National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA),
  • Windstorm Insurance Network (WIND)
  • United Policyholders of America.

Groups like these often have very strict covenants and ethical standards that members are held to. They also tend to have online directories which include the names and status of their members.

Public Insurance Adjuster Licensing

Most states require a public insurance adjuster to be licensed in that state, as well as taking measures to maintain that license in some manner.

What Are Red Flags To Not Hire A Specific Public Insurance Adjuster?

There is a fair amount of fraud in this industry, especially on the part of contractors who perform services paid for directly by the insurance company. A public insurance adjuster who insists that you use a certain contractor or one who claims they can settle your claim faster for a small percentage of the settlement should be seen as a red flag.