People have high expectations for how a professional beauty salon should look. When you also consider the number of people that come and go in the course of a single day, it can be a necessary challenge to keep a beauty salon clean, and pristine.

Of course, a sanitary beauty salon also sends a message to your new clients and loyal customers that they are in for a truly professional experience. This can go a long way toward long-term customer retention.

This goes beyond the basics of keeping floors properly swept up and beauty stations well organized. Most clients expect a level of sanitation that goes beyond disinfecting hair care tools and styling devices. They expect and even demand a sanitary beauty salon that is truly free of germs, bacteria, fungi, insects, and viruses.

This also means that salon cleaning isn’t like cleaning any other type of business maintenance. A truly comprehensive, and meticulous approach is needed to properly clean and sanitize your beauty salon to the highest possible standards. This includes the following areas and cleaning techniques.

Clean Hair Salon Floors

Thoroughly sweeping up hair and maintaining clean floors aren’t just for the sake of general appearance. In fact, it also helps with sanitation for things like lice and hair mites, as well as safety for preventing accidental slips and falls.

This means cleaning your hair salon’s floors from corner to corner multiple times per day, as well as sweeping up any hair immediately after styling a client. This type of truly spotless floor gives your customers a good first impression and puts them at ease about the level of professional services they are about to receive.

This includes disinfecting floors each day as well as occasionally polishing and waxing them every few months to keep them spotless, and shiny. Maintaining a professional polished and waxed floor also makes it easier to sweep and keep clean every day. This will go a long way toward impressing new clients and securing long-term loyal customers.

Clean & Sanitary Bathrooms

The state of any business’s bathroom will have an impact on the customer’s perception and willingness to offer their repeat business. Though it arguably matters more in salons and other professional places, where sanitation is of the utmost importance.

Of course, salon professionals, stylists, and clients all use a salon’s bathrooms. This can be an even bigger challenge if your salon specializes in cutting children’s hair.

Ideally, a professional salon cleaning routine should need to include:

  • Cleaning toilet bowls and urinals
  • Carefully disinfecting sinks
  • Refilling soap and hand sanitizer dispensers
  • Reloading paper towels and maintaining hand-drying equipment.

You also need to clean and sanitize the floors each day on top of keeping bathrooms well-stocked, with extra supplies in cabinets. You should also strongly consider posting a sign reminding employees to wash their hands between serving clients to prevent the spread of bacteria. This also serves to boost confidence in your professionalism with the salon customers who use your bathrooms.

Deep Cleaning A Professional Hair Salon

Each of the styling professionals in your beauty salon will need to take some portion of the task of maintaining a clean salon workspace. This includes things like sweeping up hair after every cut, wiping down chairs, and disinfecting all combs or other styling equipment. Though this is just the tip of the iceberg and is not enough by itself to maintain a truly professional level of cleanliness in your beauty salon.

A truly clean and sanitized beauty hair salon requires regular deep cleanings performed by professional commercial cleaners on a relatively frequent basis. This includes a variety of measures that busy salon professionals don’t have time for, using the kind of cleaning products and equipment that simply aren’t available at the retail level.

Sanitizing A Beauty Salons

Wiping down chairs, sweeping floors, and carefully sanitizing salon stations represents the bare minimum that needs to be done in between each client. While these measures might be sufficient for other types of businesses, beauty salons are typically held to higher standards.
To thoroughly sanitize surfaces they need to be disinfected using hot water, professional-grade detergents, and antibacterial soaps as well as the strategic use of high-quality sanitizers. It is also important to clearly post all your professional certifications, to give clients the confidence that each stylist has the training necessary to keep their workspaces safe and sanitary.

Esthetician Cleaning Training To Deal With Fungi

Professionally licensed estheticians are thoroughly trained about the risk of fungi, which are a diverse group of yeasts and molds. Fungi have many forms ranging from athlete’s foot to yeast, and even mold that releases spores that can make people sick. This means it is absolutely critical for estheticians to properly disinfect tools for performing manicures and pedicures. This includes disinfecting foot basins to reduce the potential for spreading fungi and bacteria.

Hairdresser Cleaning & Sanitizing

Hairdressers are trusted with using the same tools like scissors, combs, razors, and other styling implements on different clients throughout a single service day. This means taking active measures to reduce the risk of spreading bacteria, fungi, or plant parasites that can cause ringworm or favus, which are very contagious. Each hairdresser in your salon should be held responsible for deep cleaning their workstations to prevent the spread of head lice and itch mite infections on the scalp.

Makeup Artists Cleaning Measures

Makeup artists have an extensive arsenal of brushes, sponges, and other cosmetic tools that need to be carefully cleaned and maintained to effectively prevent the spread of skin infections or other communicable diseases. This means that proper sanitation and disinfection procedures prevent spreading illness and infection to clients.

Innovative electrostatic cleaning has proven to be a very effective, and safe method for sanitizing a lot of the soft surfaces in a beauty salon. It often entails having professional cleaners spray an electrostatically charged mist into the air. The solution sticks to dirt, allowing the sanitation solution to safely clean surfaces. Beauty salons are good candidates for electrostatic cleaning.