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Our nightly cleaning service is designed to get your building or commercial site looking pristine for the next morning. However, many properties still experience accidents and minor messes during daytime operating hours.

To make sure that your general cleaning and maintenance needs are met during these times, Building Services Inc. offers professional Porter Services / Day Matron services. This is one or more dedicated individuals who work in concert with a dedicated account manager to ensure that your property is maintained to the highest standards. In the case of a large building or commercial property, multiple individuals may need to be on hand each day as custodial staff.


A lobby can see a fair amount of foot traffic during the course of a day. Having a day porter/matron on duty can ensure that everything in a lobby, waiting room or commons area is kept neat and tidy.

This can include things like:

  • Tidying up reading materials

  • Straightening chairs and tables

  • Cleaning up spills

  • Empty wastebaskets

  • Spot wiping contact surfaces like doorknobs

  • Refilling hand sanitizer dispensers

  • Mopping or sweeping a dirty entryway

General Maintenance

As time goes on most properties will experience things like burned-out lightbulbs, broken hand dryers, and other little things that need to be attended to in order to maintain the building’s clean appearance. A day porter/matron can handle general maintenance concerns such as:

  • Replacing lightbulbs

  • Refilling dispensers

  • Cleaning spilled packing materials

  • Removing shoe scuffs from floors

  • Untangling curtain cords and Venetian blinds

  • Cleaning away fingerprints and smudges from glass

  • Cleaning food preparation areas

  • Cleaning foodservice and eating areas

  • Preparing meeting rooms

  • Cleaning breakrooms

  • Replacing water cooler jugs

  • Mopping up spills

  • Placing wet floor and other hazard signs when applicable

  • Coordinating with maintenance staff


Restrooms also tend to be high traffic areas on a commercial property. They also tend to be a place where sanitation matters most! A day porter/matron from Building Services Inc. will keep a close eye on all your bathrooms and washroom stations making sure they are clean, operating properly, and that all the necessary supplies are available.

This includes things like:

  • Restocking paper towels

  • Dealing with minor plumbing issues

  • Restocking toilet paper and sanitary napkin dispensers

  • Emptying wastebaskets

  • Refilling hand soap and hand sanitizer dispensers

  • Cleaning mirrors

  • Wiping down dirty surfaces

Trash Removal

Garbage removal throughout your building, property or commercial site is included in our nightly service package. However, there are some key areas throughout a building where wastebaskets, garbage cans, and recycling containers can be overfilled during the day. This is especially likely to happen in break rooms, cafeterias, and other eating areas. Lavatories and washrooms can also be prone to overfilled wastebaskets during the day.

Of course, our day porter/matron services go beyond simply upending a garbage can into a dumpster. Each time a waste receptacle is emptied a new, fresh bag liner is replaced. The full bag is then sealed to prevent foul odors and deter pests.

If your building has an active recycling program, we are happy to oblige and empty each bin into its appropriate place in the site’s main refuse area. After all empty recycling bins encourage people to recycle diligently.

Spill Cleanup

Accidents and spills happen. In general, the longer a spill goes without being cleaned up, the more likely it is to turn into an unsightly stain. In the case of a stone or tile floor, the wet surface could be a very dangerous slipping hazard.

Fortunately, having a Building Services day porter or matron on hand means that any spills that do occur are cleaned up in a timely manner. At the same time, our technicians have the training, equipment, experience and professional cleaning products that you just can’t find at the consumer level.

Communication And Coordination

Day porter/matrons also tend to work closely with account managers. This helps ensure that any special janitorial needs are clearly communicated to the night cleaning staff. Whenever necessary a porter/matron can also coordinate with your building’s maintenance staff to ensure they are aware of any necessary repair problems.