Ants, rodents, and roaches oh my! These are just a few of the things you don’t want infesting your commercial property or place of business. Especially if your company is in the food service industry.

This is one of those times where the best offense is a good defense. It’s certainly easier to prevent pests from infesting your professional spaces than it is to eliminate them and remove the ugly mess they usually leave behind.

Though most commercial property owners and business managers find that preventing pest infestations requires a multi-phase approach, that goes beyond emptying trash cans and simply keeping an eye out for bugs.

Maintaining The Building & Grounds

This starts with simple things like making essential repairs to cracks and sealing windows. Sealing off the common points of entry is a logical, and essential step. Maintaining a clean exterior and grounds will also go a long way toward limiting the highways that a lot of pests use to find and access a building.

This includes things like:

  • Emptying outside garbage cans frequently
  • Maintaining a clean dumpster area
  • Removing gum and food debris from sidewalks
  • Keeping the grass short
  • Emptying out anything holding standing water
  • Maintaining clean outdoor dining areas
  • Establishing Good Employee Practices

A lot of employees bring snacks into their office. A few even eat their lunches in their office, while others choose to dine in the office cafeteria or kitchenette. Wherever employees eat, they need to be actively reminded not to leave food behind.

Even seemingly simple crumbs on a desk or food left for more than a day in a waste bin can serve as a powerful attractant for ants, rodents, and other pests. Making sure that all employee food areas are clean and all food items are thrown out at the end of each day will go a long way toward preventing an escalating pest problem in your professional space.

Professional Cleaning Services Help Prevent Pest Infestations

Invasive pests like ants, roaches, and mice in the workplace is a property manager’s worst nightmare. Compounding this is the fact that a lot of office employees don’t have the training and skills to employ the kind of effective cleaning techniques needed to discourage pests from establishing a presence. Insects and rodents rely upon sources of food and water left around the workplace to thrive.

That’s why so many commercial property owners and business managers turn to commercial cleaning services to drastically reduce the risk of pest infestation. All the while, letting employees stay focused on the day-to-day work duties they were originally hired to do!

Benefits Of Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Service

There are several benefits to hiring a commercial cleaning service to maintain your professional space. Though this goes beyond mere pest prevention to include:

  • Keeping employees focused on job duties instead of cleaning
  • Peace of mind for management staff
  • Ensuring health & safety standards are met
  • Improving office productivity
  • Maintaining a clean professional appearance for your business
  • Bolstering employee trust & morale

How Commercial Cleaners Help Prevent Pest Infestation

It takes a multi-prong strategy to effectively prevent pest infestation in a commercial property or office space. Having a dedicated commercial cleaning company on your side gives you peace of mind, while they handle tasks like:

Emptying & Cleaning Waste Bins

Waste bins are what most common pests are looking for. Especially if there is food in them. Once they find what they consider to be a reliable food source, rodents and insects will try to find or make a home nearby to raise their young.

Open food containers, unemptied food bins, and even dirty waste bins with food debris in the bottom can easily provide common pests with the abundant and centralized food source they are looking for to call your office “Home.”

Having a commercial cleaning company like Building Services on your side ensures that all waste bins are emptied daily. This also includes cleaning and disinfecting waste bins that have food debris and grim at the bottom.

Maintaining Clean Dumpster Areas

It’s all too easy for waste bins to be emptied from an office, only to spill or straight-up miss the dumpster altogether. That’s why the best commercial cleaners also make it a point to maintain a reasonable degree of cleanliness around any, and all dumpster areas.

This includes making sure that all waste bin liners are sealed and placed completely inside the dumpster. Then the lid is sealed at the end of the day to prevent pest access. Any spills under or around dumpster areas are then cleaned up promptly.

These simple measures will go a long way toward not attracting common commercial property pests.

Cleaning Food Spills, Crumbs & Messes

Just because pests don’t find what they’re looking for inside of office waste bins, doesn’t mean they won’t look elsewhere. You can bet your bottom dollar that ants, rodents, and especially rodents will scour office desks, cafeteria spaces, and break rooms looking for crumbs as well as any spills.

A high-quality commercial cleaning service like Building Services will affect a complete clean of all your professional spaces. This includes cleaning crumbs, spill,s and other messes from:

  • Floors
  • Countertops
  • Tabletops
  • Office Desktops
  • Underneath Desks
  • Breakrooms
  • Lobby areas
  • Restroom
  • And more

Proactively Dealing With Moisture Build-Up

While common office pests start out looking for reliable food sources, they also need a source of water. Though most don’t need a lot of water. Even a modestly moist surface or a few drops of liquid from a spill might be all those insects and rodents need to survive. Any time pests find a source of hydration, they will consider nesting nearby.

Common causes of moisture in a professional environment can come from:

  • Poor Drainage
  • Excess Humidity
  • Spilled Beverages
  • Plumbing Leaks
  • HVAC condensation

Even though a commercial cleaning service might not be able to fix some of these mechanical issues, they can spot and report them. Then make sure that there is no water left on floors or countertops.