With so many new cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing technologies coming online these days, it can be hard to understand how all of them work. Let alone choose the best cleaning technology for your home, residential property, business, or commercial property.

One of the new, popular, and fastest-growing cleaning technologies to come to the foreground in recent years is “Electrostatic Cleaning.” Chances are good you have heard the term before, but you may not know exactly what electrostatic cleaning is.

Electrostatic cleaning is a great option for treating a wide range of public, private, and commercial business locations. It was specifically engineered to be able to access a wide variety of surfaces, including hard-to-reach places. It can even do so in a relatively short amount of time to help eliminate the threat posed by germs, pathogens, viruses, and bacteria that can cause illnesses.

In this way, electrostatic cleaning is a great way to thoroughly clean and disinfect areas in your office, restaurant, medical office, school, or retail establishment.

You might think bleach and other cleaning supplies will be enough. And many times, they are. But contaminated and difficult-to-tackle germs can easily hide in tough-to-reach areas, like corners of desks, chairs, restroom facilities, and much more. If your cleaning solutions and processes aren’t reaching these areas, the germs will be left behind to spread again.

What Is Electrostatic Cleaning & Disinfection?

Electrostatic cleaning was specifically designed to eradicate biological pathogenic agents in a wide variety of areas. It is increasingly prominent in professional workspaces where it helps to eliminate the germs and bacteria that have settled there.

Electrostatic cleaning does a great job of quickly accessing spaces and crevices where germs like to linger. It effectively reaches these areas because of the charge it has with the cleaning and disinfecting solution. The specially charged solution is sprayed in an atomized form from a specialized cleaning machine designed just for this type of application. The solution then adheres itself and overlays your work surfaces in a fine coating. This special treatment will lay on all easy-to-access surfaces as well as difficult-to-reach or hard-to-clean corners and surfaces.

While the data is still relatively early, electrostatic cleaning has been shown to dramatically reduce the presence of germs like flu and virus outbreaks. It can also significantly reduce the bacterial presence on a lot of hard-to-reach places and soft surfaces. It even has a strong following in the elder and child care sectors where sanitizing and disinfecting are of paramount importance.

Does My Office Or Commercial Property Need Electrostatic Cleaning?

When you consider its growing efficacy and statistical effectiveness, electrostatic cleaning is a great solution for viruses and other strong germs. It has proven to be highly effective in a wide range of settings. Electrostatic cleaning is great for residential properties, multi-family dwellings, offices, schools, or workspace.

Just bear in mind that electrostatic cleaning is not specifically intended to be used as a substitute for cleaning bathrooms or lunchrooms. It is also not meant to be used when people are immediately present. It is indeed a professional process intended to be applied afterward.

How Often Should Electrostatic Cleaning Be Performed?

Electrostatic cleaning can be scheduled and performed as often as you deem it necessary. Let’s say that someone who has been seriously ill has been in your workspace with a communicable disease. Once the sick individual has left the premises, school, or office, it’s more than likely there will be some contamination from this person to the office space itself. If the illness is a mild biological pathogen, then electrostatic cleaning might not be necessary.

Does Electrostatic Cleaning Kill Serious Viruses?

In the case of more serious pathogens H1N1 or COVID-19, this type of cleaning process is a must to prevent the spread and transmission in the affected environment. It can go a long way toward ensuring the safety of this area to staff and visitors alike.

Should another person be diagnosed with one of these difficult viruses? In a scenario like this, you should have a traditional cleaning performed followed up by a specialized electrostatic cleaning again. With some viruses, you might not know if a person is ill until several days after they have been in your location.

Using a situational scheduling system like this can become an effective strategic approach to help keep highly contagious bugs from spreading.

Cleaning Professionals With Access To ElectroStatic Cleaning Technology

At Building Services Inc., we have long prided ourselves on embracing cutting-edge cleaning technology. This includes offering electrostatic cleaning practices that are wielded by highly trained and experienced cleaning technicians.

It is a very simple way to keep just about any office, school, restaurant, retail space, or other workspaces clean on a regular basis is to hire a professional team to come and clean this space for you. Let us do the cleaning work. When you also need something more serious taken care of like serious germs and viral contagions, look to us to bring you this cutting-edge technology.