OHSA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The United States Congress created the OSHA to ensure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education, and assistance.

The Individual States and the US Federal government see to the implementation of the rules and guidelines for every professional space.

OSHA sets federally mandated standards for employee health, cleanliness, and safety in any work environment. Though their regulations tend to see the strictest adherence and draw the most attention to commercial properties. Especially properties that see a lot of foot traffic, and deal with heavy equipment, or potentially dangerous chemicals.

Though in truth, even the simplest of business offices and even retail spaces can still come under the jurisdiction of OSHA. This means that adherence to these set practices and regulations is absolutely essential to conducting your business in a consistently safe workplace.

They provide this information to us in the form of protocol, training, and educational materials. To that point, a lot of professional cleaning and remediation services will provide an OSHA certificate as necessary to demonstrate to possible inspectors that a workplace is fully complying with these codes on a daily basis. This third-party verification can go a long way toward streamlining any OSHA compliance audit.

Is OSHA Compliance Important?

OSHA has the ability to cease functions or assess heavy fines for any workplace that is not deemed safe under the standards of their regulations and guidelines. To this point, they provide a bevy of clearly delineated guidelines for various businesses, materials, and safety procedures.

Oftentimes supervisors on commercial sites and professional business sectors have to sign off on their awareness of these standards and take responsibility for ensuring that all employees are 100% trained on OSHA-compliant procedures and the use of equipment.

This includes rules that need to be strictly followed for things like hazardous materials, occupational noise, and proper use of equipment, just to name a few. There are also safety standards within the workplace that need to be adhered to. Commercial property owners and business managers thus need to provide a conducive work environment you can rely on.

OSHA violations can also be reported to your property insurance provider. A serious violation or repeat violations can also end up translating into higher insurance premiums!

How Does OSHA Affect Businesses?

OSHA has a set of policies, regulations, and procedures for different sectors, types of businesses, equipment, devices, and chemicals. This includes professional cleaning services like Building Services Inc. That’s part of the reason why we provide written and established safety procedures for our employees, administrative staff, and team managers.

We adhere to the highest safety measures in everything we do. Especially when cleaning your place of business or servicing a commercial property.

OSHA assigns specific of standards that are essential in our industry. Following them as closely as we do translates into fewer injuries, illnesses, and incidences on the job. It also means that the commercial clients we serve can rest easy knowing that all our cleaning procedures are within established OSHA standards.

Professional Cleaning & Safety Standards

Building Services employees follow all safety and health standards set forth by OSHA rules this includes the use of tools and equipment as well as identifying hazardous actions and ensuring the proper use of all cleaning chemicals. We also build specific programs and protocols with the overarching goal of creating a healthy and safe environment for all employees, and visitors.

Our cleaning specialists follow a self-evaluation process as well. This helps to implement a set checklist that will serve as a reminder for us and a guideline process in our everyday job. Auditing and reviewing our process on a regular basis also helps us stay on track and stay safe.

The specific protocol and processes we use are designed to assure we are consistent as well as and reliable on every professional cleaning project, regardless of scale. At every step along the way, we strive for exemplary safety and health within our own company, as well as the commercial properties and businesses we serve.

If there ever is a problem, our professional cleaning technicians approach it with methods to correct the hazards and put things back on track.

We like to make sure we demonstrate our established commitment to safety and good health while on the job. Our company provides training, and we lead by example to implement hazard control, education, and solutions.

How Does OSHA Affect Your Business?

OSHA’s cleaning and safety standards apply to commercial properties and businesses of all sizes. Following them closely provides the best environment for your people to do their job and do it well. Building Services’ cleaning technicians stick to a routine that ensures good health and safety on the job with less interruption or missed work.

This helps to safeguard our team, as well as provide you with peace of mind that all your cleaned environments are up to OSHA’s strict professional standards. Our methodical, systematic approach also means that we can provide you and any OSHA inspectors with updated, accurate information about what has been cleaned and how

You can rest assured that every member of our staff has been properly trained and is certified to be safe in your workspace as well as all other professional business and office areas. A lot of these areas can be extremely delicate. Yet you can trust that we have provided training for these types of workspaces or reviewed them with you so we are all in agreement with your processes and procedures.

Green Cleaning Products For Professional Spaces

One of the areas that have come under increasing scrutiny from OSHA inspectors of late is indoor air quality. Particularly when the indoor quality of commercial spaces is affected by fumes created by potentially harmful, toxic commercial cleaning products.

At Building Services we are proud to offer a lineup of green cleaning products and techniques that are environmentally friendly, as well as compliant with OSHA’s health and safety standards. They leave your property and professional spaces smelling clean and fresh, without the sort of toxic chemical odors that tend to draw the ire of OSHA health and safety inspectors.