New construction, add-ons, and remodeling projects can all be great ways to refresh your residential living space, as well as a blank canvas for a fresh new start. Unfortunately, even the smallest construction or remodeling project can leave behind a lot of debris. Not to mention most builders and remodelers are far from being cleanup specialists.

This is why there are so many professional cleanup service companies who are ready and fully stocked with the equipment as well as the staff to handle post-construction cleanup needs. Though not all of them are the same, and there are a few post-construction cleaning companies that shine brighter than the competition.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the finer points of post-construction cleanup and what to look for in a company that can meet all your needs.

Industry Best Practices For Post Construction Cleaning

The best post-construction cleaning companies tend to tick off all the most important boxes right away. If you see them addressing the following criteria, then you know they are worth looking into further.

Safety For The Site & People

The best professional post-construction cleaning companies intimately understand the hazards that often come with cleaning a site after the professional construction contractors have finished the job. This includes the major details like bulk materials left behind and water spots to small hazards that can be just as problematic. This includes things like stray nails and small glass shards that have been missed by the construction contractors, as well as the ever-prevalent dust that easily accumulates in the course of even a simple drywall job.

The best post-construction cleaning technicians always use the highest-quality personal protection equipment. They also make it a point to properly isolate a messy area from other parts of the residence or commercial property. This might include things like tarping off the construction site or making sure their vacuum cleaners have HEPA filters for trapping fine drywall dust particles.

Skills, Training & Continued Educations

The best professional post-construction cleaning companies understand that a crucial part of getting the job done right the first time starts with making sure that all of their technicians are properly trained. This includes basic training for new hires and giving them an experienced technician to help train them in, as well as staying abreast of industry changes in cleaning equipment and technology. Many of the best construction cleaning companies will also provide their technicians with continuing education opportunities to stay up to date on new materials and methods necessary to maintain the industry’s best practices.

Professional-Grade Equipment

The reality is that the typical residential vacuum cleaner just isn’t up to the task of handling the myriad of heavy-duty materials, dust, and debris left behind by construction contractors. That’s why the best post-construction cleaning companies always arm their cleaning technicians with heavy-duty professional-grade cleaning equipment. This includes things like commercial-grade shop vacs, professional-quality PPEs, and other essential hardware items necessary to affect a total cleanup of your construction site promptly.

Positive Reviews & An Active Website

These days most companies maintain a website. Some of the best professional construction cleaning companies make it a point to make their website rich with helpful articles to educate their potential clients as well as blogs for updates and key industry insights. They also tend to have reviews posted on their website that is rife with positive comments. Even if there is an issue, the best post-construction cleaning companies will respond to even a minor complaint on time as well as demonstrate an impressive dedication to customer service.

Budget Consciousness

While some people are tempted to try to handle post-construction cleaning on their own, most don’t have the training, or access to the commercial-grade equipment to fully clean the area right the first time. Adding to the problem, things like damaged residential vacuum cleaners and the potential for an accidental on-site injury are all too real and only add to the overall cost.

The best professional post-construction cleaning companies understand that budget matters to everyone. They tend to offer upfront pricing that’s clear and is free of secret or hidden fees.

A Reputation For Superior Customer Service

The best post-construction cleanup companies tend to have an established reputation for providing their clients with superior customer service. This might show up in obvious places like on their website reviews of blog articles. Though things like word of mouth advertising or even a client-to-client referral program can also be signs of a post-construction cleanup company that is truly dedicated to great customer services.

You can also tell when you talk to their representatives on the phone. A lot of the best post-construction cleaning companies will take the time to answer all your questions and walk you through the various stages of the process. They might even be able to provide you with an upfront quote to make sure the project fits your budget requirements.

Flexible Scheduling

A high-quality post-construction cleaning company recognizes that you don’t always have control of your schedule. Being able to set up a service time that works for you makes the entire process more convenient. It can also spare you having to take a day off of work just to watch them cleanup the remodeled area.

Licensed & Insured

It should go without saying that only the best post-construction cleaning companies will be fully insured and licensed. Not only does this show a dedication to professionalism, but it lets you rest easy that if there is a problem that they are covered to be able to handle it.


Finding the right post-construction cleaning company for your project can certainly feel daunting at times. Though with a little patience, chances are a few like Building Services will rise to the top of the list. Looking for key criteria like professional-grade equipment, solid positive reviews, great customer service and a company that is fully insured and licensed will all help you rest easy that the cleanup project will get done right the first time, as well as come in under budget.