Commercial properties are often large with multiple tenants and facilities that need frequent care. This is especially true during normal hours of operation when clients, customers, and guests are coming in and out.

While each tenant is responsible for their own basic level of upkeep, they are not directly responsible for common areas. When a mess or a problem occurs in halls, commons, dining areas or other spaces that are open to the public, someone will need to attend to them in a timely, professional manner. Stepping in to fill this void is the day porter or day matron.

What Is A Day Porter?

Sometimes referred to as a “Day Matron” a Day Porter is a professional who is responsible for maintaining a commercial facility during normal operating hours. They are given a wide range of duties including:

  • Policing & cleaning public areas
  • Maintaining restrooms
  • Sanitizing high-traffic surfaces
  • Restocking consumable items like paper/soap supplies
  • Cleaning entrance ways
  • Changing light bulbs
  • Maintaining orderly smoking areas
  • Checking cafeterias, dining areas and coffee stations
  • Cleaning up spills
  • Performing specialty detail cleaning
  • Promptly refilling hand sanitizer dispenser
  • Providing face masks to incoming individuals who need them
  • Coordinating with the night time janitorial staff
  • Maintaining the lobby and reception areas
  • Cleaning common area decks and patios
  • Removing trash and debris
  • Helping with meeting setup and tear down
  • Maintaining kiosks and display cases
  • Coordinating special deliveries and notifying tenants of an incoming delivery
  • Coordinating with security personnel if there is a concern

Of course, this is just some of the duties a day porter performs. At Building Services we recognize that no two commercial properties are the same, and our professional day porters will work with you to execute a menu of services that meets your specific needs. All with the utmost level of discretion and professionalism.

In a certain light, a day porter is often a facility or commercial property manager’s right hand man or woman. They work diligently to maintain a commercial facility so that staff, employees, clients and guests can focus on what they need to do. All while helping to take care of some basic, yet essential janitorial duties during normal hours of operation.

Day Porters Help Maintain Your Property’s Professional Appearance

Professionalism starts with an orderly and well-kept facility. A professional day porter or day matron recognizes this and takes their responsibilities beyond simply restocking the restroom and cleaning the glass in the lobby. Building Services day porters to make sure that all the common spaces in your commercial property run smoothly, and look impeccable.

Day Porters Coordinate With Janitorial Staff

Most commercial properties have a janitorial staff or night time cleaning crew come in after normal hours of operation to do things like clean flooring, sanitize bathrooms and clean office spaces. With an onsite day porter or day matron servicing your commercial property, coordinating with janitorial staff is a seamless process that doesn’t require any supervision from your own staff. The day porter will also alert the incoming janitorial staff of any special requests or concerns that need extra focus.

A Day Porter Can Help Coordinate Deliveries

While many commercial properties have a loading dock area, there are always going to be times when deliveries and special packages come through the front door or lobby area. In a time like this, the day porter or day matron can receive the package and immediately notify you or the tenant.

Day Porters Help Maintain Professional Sanitation

These days professional sanitation is of the utmost importance. Making sure that hand sanitizer dispensers are promptly refilled, and that public spaces are properly wiped down before and after use is something a day porter can handle with the utmost level of professionalism and discretion.

Emptying Waste Cans & Trash Receptacles

Waste bins and trash cans can fill up quickly in the course of an average day. Having a day porter on hand ensures that all public area waste bins and trash receptacles are emptied and a fresh can liner is replaced before there is even the slightest risk of a spill.

Safety & Placing Warning Signs

Commercial properties are held to the highest liability standards. Even something as simple as a wet, slippery floor can become a major issue without the correct signage in place. A professional day porter makes sure that all safety signs are used when needed and keeps an eye out for potential safety problems like an accidental spill on a tile floor.

Coordinating With Maintenance Staff & Contractors

A day porter serving your commercial site is also another pair of eyes that always has your best interest at heart. Day porters are often the first people to notice things like leaky pipes, leaking ceiling tiles, cracked tiles or other physical imperfections. If they can’t immediately handle the problem on their own, the day porter will quickly contact the property manager or your on-site maintenance staff to ensure the problem is addressed as quickly as possible. All with the utmost discretion and professionalism.

A Day Porter Can Schedule Specialty Services

There are times of the year when specialty services need to be performed. This can include things like putting up special event displays, setting up for a hosting a tradeshow, or simply installing holiday decorations in the main lobby area.

In some of these instances a day porter might be able to handle the set up and take down for you. For a larger job or one that requires special contractors, the day porter can help coordinate with everyone from the ground staff to the contractors to ensure everyone is on the same page and everything goes off according to plan.

Day Porters Add Value To Your Commercial Property

A day porter is a special type of person who works tirelessly to clean, maintain and make sure that everything on your commercial property moves smoothly. At Building Services, we provide you with a dedicated day porter or day matron, who will work closely with you to develop a specific menu of services. Their professionalism and intimate understanding of your property will help take the stress off your shoulders, while making sure that all your common areas look impeccable throughout all your normal hours of operation.