Schools, grocery stores, offices, restaurants, and public commons areas are just a few of the places that need effective cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. This includes not just keeping the areas neat and tidy, but also eliminating potentially harmful microbes as well as other pathogens that pose a serious threat to the people who occupy those spaces every single day.

This includes things like

  • The COVID virus
  • Influenza strains
  • Rhinoviruses
  • The Norovirus
  • E. Coli

What Is Cleaning?

Cleaning is a general term that some people interpret as keeping the area in neat, order. This includes things like vacuuming, wiping down hard surfaces, deodorizing, and straightening. When we take the term “Cleaning” into the world of microbial management, it usually means using soap or a detergent mixed with an appropriate amount of water to remove dirt, crumbs, dust, and general debris from surfaces.

While this will help maintain an office, commons area of place of public accommodation, “Cleaning” only has a minimal effect on the general microbial, pathogen presence. In this context, cleaning is vital in high traffic, like schools, retail stores, and supermarkets. Though it represents the first step in a much more comprehensive cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting strategy.

Is There A Difference Between Sanitizing And Disinfecting?

To the uninitiated, the terms “Sanitizing” and “Disinfecting can be used interchangeably. Though from a standpoint of microbial and pathogenic maintenance they are not the same as they don’t entirely serve the same purpose.

While both sanitizing and disinfecting strive to reduce the spread of germs, they do so in differing degrees. This is especially important to understand when you consider that microbes are truly everywhere. This goes beyond the germs that are easily found on surfaces. In fact, potentially dangerous pathogenic microbes can be found in the air and water, as well as in deeper layers of porous or fibrous materials. While some microbes are harmless to human beings, others cause severe sickness and possibly even chronic diseases. To truly affect this level of clean most residential and commercial properties enlist professional help to eradicate the presence of harmful microbes at every level.

What Is Sanitizing?

Sanitizing methods are designed to significantly lower the presence of microbes in a given area to safe levels. The degree of safety required in a specific sanitizing technique or strategy is guided by general public health standards. These sanitization regulations can vary for schools, offices, supermarkets, and medical facilities, public spaces, and multi-family residential properties. Most of the best sanitizing products are designed to attack the bacteria and viruses listed on their labels. Though most don’t go far beyond what they were originally formulated to do.

What Is Disinfecting?

The concept of disinfecting elevates cleaning and sanitizing with the goal being to destroy or inactivate bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microbes. This includes things like the influenza virus and rhinoviruses.

In general, disinfectant cleaning products are commonly used for hard, non-porous surfaces. This includes things like:

  • Tabletops
  • Countertops
  • Hard floors
  • Door handles & pulls
  • Appliance surfaces
  • Other high-touch areas

Disinfection plays a crucial role in eliminating harmful microbes that many people often pick up impurities from high-touch surfaces such as light switches, hardware handles, and doorknobs. Thus an effective disinfecting strategy becomes one of the best ways to stop the spread of germs from person to person.

Cleaning, Disinfecting & Sanitizing Is A Priority For Maintaining Healthy Indoor Spaces

When it comes to health precautions and safety, there are a few specific things that property managers and business owners can control. This includes things like washing hands frequently and contracting a commercial cleaning service to maintain common-use areas.

Though for contaminants and potential disease-causing bacteria and viruses a more aggressive, proactive approach is often needed. Especially if you have a commercial property with a high volume of incoming foot traffic, which can elevate pathogenic levels in public areas to dangerous levels with only a minimal amount of exposure.

Especially when you consider that most sanitizing agents only really kill bacteria. Though the disinfecting agents that have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, are typically formulated to kill bacteria as well as viruses.

We Can Handle All Your Cleaning, Disinfecting & Sanitizing Needs

At Building Services Inc. we strive to keep our client’s buildings free from bacteria, viruses, and other dangerous pathogenic organisms, as well as many common contaminants. Our goal is to always help you maintain your building’s clean and pristine professional image.

We are proud to offer a wide range of specialty cleaning services which includes industry-best sanitization and disinfection methods to reduce and eliminate the presence of harmful microbes in your professional spaces. Our highly-trained and experienced technicians use state-of-the-art cleaning products and solutions, including an optional green cleaning service.

Building Services Inc. is also proud to offer flexible scheduling. As needed, we can offer our cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting services day or night. We can help maintain your commercial property during normal operating hours, as well as schedule professional deep cleaning services after most of the building’s staff has gone home for the day.

Building Service’s technicians use industry-trusted cleaning products as well as state-of-the-art equipment, and industry’s best practices. This can include things like electrostatic area misters as well as other innovative devices that are specifically designed to scrub, wash, sanitize, and disinfect every square inch of your facility.

Our dedicated and professional technicians make sure to stay up to date and follow the latest Centers for Disease Control guidelines regarding the cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting of public areas. This provides your commercial property with a level of professional cleaning that is unmatched in our industry.

If you are unsure of your building’s needs or you have special considerations that need to be addressed, we can always set up a special consultation and estimate to make sure your commercial or multi-family residential property meets your needs and the needs of the people who occupy it.