President John F. Kennedy once said that “Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.” This rings true to this day, and you see it at every level, from early childhood education to secondary education and even at the critical daycare level when so many formative milestones are achieved.

Of course, as such a precious investment in our future, children also need a clean, healthy, and safe environment to learn, grow and thrive in. There are a lot of daycare and early childhood education facilities wondering if it might be better to hire a third-party cleaning service instead of using their own in-house staff?

To help you choose, we decided to take a deeper dive into some of the best reasons why you should consider bringing in a professional daycare cleaning service.

Main Reason Is Consistent Cleaning Procedures

Early childcare and professional daycare facilities need to be cleaned with precision and exacting detail to keep children in a completely safe and sanitized environment. Children can easily pass on and carry a staggering plethora of germs and communicable diseases. These pathogens need to be dealt with and sanitized to reduce the risk of spreading to other children as well as your childcare staff.

Contracting a third-party cleaning company ensures that industry-best practices and commercial-grade cleaning products are being used by highly trained individuals with the experience to use them consistently. This also lets your in-house childcare staff stay focused on providing the children with the highest level of care and attention that they need.

A lot of professional cleaning companies also offer flexibility in scheduling, which allows for deep cleaning at the end of every day, as well as offering day porter services. These day porters are individuals who stay on-site during normal hours of operation to take care of any spills or incidents in a timely and discrete manner.

Professional Grade Cleaning, Disinfecting & Sanitizing

Children tend to easily spread germs as they are still learning proper hygiene and personal practices. At the same time, they also don’t have the robust immune system of an older child or adult, which means they are more vulnerable to illnesses.

Unfortunately, a lot of the cleaning products and equipment available at the consumer level simply aren’t sufficient for providing children with the impeccable level of cleaning and disinfecting that they truly need.

Fortunately, a professional cleaning company like Building Services Inc. has access to truly commercial-grade cleaning products and equipment, as well as the technicians with the training necessary to use them safely. This includes a battery of ecologically friendly “Green Cleaning” products that leave behind a fresh natural odor, rather than a harsh, toxic chemical smell.

Professional cleaning companies can also offer electrostatic spray technology. This no-touch innovation essentially distributes disinfectants thoroughly and efficiently. As the disinfectant exits the electrostatic sprayer, it receives a positive electrical charge which is attracted to all visible negative surfaces.

This includes the underside of fixtures, and tables as well as high touch, shared items like toys and learning tools. This special sanitizing agent is designed to quickly adhere to superior coverage in hard-to-reach places. The electrostatic spray technology enables the solution to wrap around an item or surface for complete disinfection.

Products Use Safety & Security

True professional cleaning companies, go the extra mile to verify their employees with routine background checks. They also provide them with PPEs and all the necessary safety training to use all cleaning products and cleaning equipment correctly. This is exactly the sort of thing that matters in a childcare setting.

Especially when you consider that cleaning chemicals that aren’t environmentally friendly can pose a serious risk to children’s health. Even trace amounts of toxic cleaning products can be an issue for sensitive children who are exposed to these chemicals regularly. Not to mention the way that harsh chemicals can also negatively impact air quality.

That’s why professional cleaning companies like Building Services Inc. use environmentally friendly cleaning products as one more safety measure to keep kids safe.
At the same time microfiber textiles and special HEPA filter vacuums, which help reduce airborne pollutants like dust and allergens. Professional cleaning companies will also use properly secured carts to keep all cleaning supplies safely out of reach of curious little hands to prevent accidents.

Day Porters To Handle Cleaning & Accidents

The best professional cleaning companies also offer day porter/matron services. These are cleaning professionals who are on hand throughout normal hours of operation. They can handle a wide range of cleaning and sanitizing procedures to let your childcare staff stay focused on the children.

Having a day porter/matron on site also means you have a highly trained cleaning professional who is ready to handle accidents, and spills. Not to mention the cleaning products and equipment to reduce the risk of a minor spill before it turns into a major stain.

This can also be very handy for times when a “Biological Substance” lands on a carpet, upholstery, or other soft, absorbent surface. The level of professional-grade disinfecting and drying a trained professional can execute will limit contamination, minimize odors and keep the area safely contained from other children.

Higher Attendance Rates

When you have a professional cleaning company servicing your daycare, or early childhood education center, the level of disinfecting and sanitizing will go a long way toward preventing the spread of communicable diseases between children. Not to mention helping to prevent crossover to the caregivers on your staff.

This helps maintain higher levels of daily attendance for children, students, and staff. It also helps give parents a higher level of confidence that their children will be in a safe and sanitized environment.

More Efficient Use Of Employee/Staff Hours

Your childcare staff is highly trained professionals whose focus should be on providing children with care, nurturing, and education. When you partner with a professional cleaning company like Building Services Inc. your childcare professionals can keep their focus on what they do best, while our cleaning technicians execute the highest level of cleaning and sanitizing procedures discreetly in the background.