They say that we eat with our eyes, but even more so we shop with our eyes. Which makes a neat, tidy, and odor-free environment a top priority for most retail spaces. While facing, folding and stocking shelves in a visually appealing array will certainly help.

Unfortunately, most retail employees simply aren’t trained or experienced at the type of high-end techniques it takes to give a retail store a truly professional clean. Not to mention their expertise is better served in helping customers, taking care of inventory, and other important tasks like setting up displays.

Of course, a professional clean retail store does more than just enhance a customer’s shopping experience it can also play a critical role in-store safety, while also increasing the likelihood of a consumer become a repeat shopper.

How Does Professional Cleaning Help Retail Stores?

A growing body of research found that shoppers are less likely to make an initial purchase and less likely to return as loyal customers for repeat purchases if a retail store is dirty, unkempt, or malodorous. This is compounded if a customer uses an unappealing or unsanitary store restroom. Even if the other parts of the store are relatively clean and organized.

Access To Professional Cleaning Products & Equipment

The barebones reality is that a lot of the cleaning products and equipment found at the consumer retail level are meant for cleaning small spaces in a home or a personal office. They simply don’t scale up to the sort of large footage and multiple surfaces of a more expansive retail setting.

Even if you do make the major investment in purchasing professional cleaning equipment and commercial-grade cleaning products, most employees aren’t going to have the sufficient training or experience to use them properly.

At Building Services, our experienced technicians have direct access to the best commercial cleaning equipment, with the level of knowledge, and training to guarantee excellence every single time. We are experts at completing the job quickly and effectively.

Cost-Effective Cleaning

The chances are good that you hired your retail employees based on a skill set that was geared toward helping customers, selling value items, retail expertise, and acumen with your product line, rather than based on their ability to operate a commercial-grade vacuum cleaner or their skills at removing stained surfaces. Not to mention their high-value man-hours are also better served taking care of customers and inventory or to assemble visually attractive displays.

When you contract a third-party professional cleaning service like Building Services Inc., your employees can stay focused on their area of expertise, in a way that is highly cost-efficient for your bottom line manhours.

A Professional Level Of Clean

Highly trained professionals like the cleaning technicians at Building Services Inc. have years of experience and the training to make use of state-of-the-art commercial-grade custodial equipment. This intense level of focus and efficient performance will provide your retail space with desired results in a relatively short time.

A Reputation For Perfectionism

Building Services has been a foundational company in our service area for decades. Our professional cleaning technicians are a part of the communities we serve, which gives us a passion for performance that has translated into a powerful reputation for perfectionism. You can trust that Building Services will not only meet your professional cleaning needs, but we will also exceed them. C

Specialty Services

Some special cleaning needs go beyond the basic things like dusting, vacuuming, and maintaining hard surfaces. When you contract a professional cleaning service like Building Services Inc., you can trust that our technicians have seen and done it all, as well as carry the necessary commercial cleaning equipment to tackle unique problems big and small.

This includes but is not limited to:

Detailing Specialty Displays

Many retail shops rely on specialty displays, end caps, and display cases to show off some of their most prized high-value items. Though dust, pollen, and other airborne debris can start to build upon them over time. Fortunately, our technicians have the experience, training, and specialty equipment to restore most display cases and specialty racks to their original pristine condition.

Power Washing Exteriors

The exterior of your store or multi-tenant retail space is often the first thing that customers see. Discarded stuck-on gum, bird droppings, pollen, insect nests, graffiti, and other exterior debris can send the wrong message to incoming customers. Not to mention posing a potential health risk or safety code violation. Professional power washing can help eliminate these external imperfections to leave your retail space looking clean, pristine, and ready to impress.

Professional Window Cleaning

The interior and exterior of your retail shop’s windows are essentially its windows onto the world. These high visibility areas are also a popular place to show off high-value display cases and critical sales signage. Dust, pollen, and airborne grime that builds up on your store’s windows can look unprofessional, as well as make it hard for potential customers to read your signs at a glance.

Special Event Preparation & Cleaning

A lot of retail stores have special event sales, grand openings events, and open houses to help draw in new customers or show their appreciation for returning loyal customers. In a time like this, being able to put your best foot forward is a critical step for your store’s long-term success. An impeccable clean area sets a solid foundation for the displays and booths you want to feature. Then, when your special event is over, Building Service’s technicians can return to help expedite the cleanup process.

Risk Mitigation From Professional Cleaning

A lot of retail spaces and commercial properties are held to higher health and safety standards. Professional cleaning companies like Building Services are well versed in these important regulations. Our trained and experienced technicians keep a keen eye out to make sure all health and safety standards are met. This includes preventing common and even some rare workplace hazards.

Flexible Scheduling

At Building Services Inc., we understand that your retail shop’s scheduling needs are unique. We are happy to work with you to find a time that is best to clean and sanitize your retail space. If you prefer, our technicians can the shop during your normal hours of operation. We can even target your traditionally “slow” times. If it works better for you, we can even set up to clean your retail space during your off-hours when no customers are present.